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REALTOR®? Work with Scott Buehler

From co-marketing to lunch and learns, working with Scott Buehler's team may impact your success!

Welcome REALTORS®! On this page you will find some of the many benefits of working with Scott. Here's a quick summary because I know you're busy.

  • 20 years as an Internet marketer. I can lend assistance to help us both grow together.
  • Advertising specialist. Many referrals may come with a pre-approval letter in-hand.
  • Excellent technology we can both use to assist buyers.
  • I'm available on weekends to help at open houses or by mobile to take loan applications for interested parties.
  • Local office in St. George. Live in Cedar City. Available for clients at both locations.
  • 20 years in customer service. I'm available for borrowers by mobile (voice + text), live conferencing and in-person meetings. I care about our reputation and our clients needs.

No-Obligation Resources

New listing and want to spread the word? Consider running an open house! Scott can provide marketing materials, attend your open house with you (for added security, buyer assistance, loan program information and starting the loan process) and more. List your open house on Facebook:

Southern Utah Real Estate and Open House Events

Tap anywhere in this box to be taken to my Southern Utah Real Estate and Open House Events Facebook group. All real estate agents are welcome to share their Southern Utah open houses and Real Estate listings with no limit. Click here to go now.

Wasatch Front Real Estate & Open House Events

Tap anywhere in this box to be taken to my Wasatch Front Real Estate and Open House Events Facebook group. All real estate agents are welcome to share their Wasatch Front Utah open houses and Real Estate listings with no limit.

On-Site or On-Call Open Houses

Need a lender on hand over the weekend for your open house? No problem! Scott is happy to attend your open house or can be ready to take potential client calls over the weekend to help them get started with their home loan.

Combine the Veritas SmartApp with made-for-you flyers, add a service that helps spread the word about your open house and other excellent tools that Scott provides and you've got a powerful way to close more deals with a lender who goes that extra mile! All this without any obligation.

The Secret Sauce

Scott provides his REALTOR® partners with amazing tools, resources, marketing tips, advice and strategy to help real estate agents market themselves, their listings and to improve their overall pipeline health.

Listing agents: Need help marketing your listing? I provide awesome marketing tools, strategies and provide resources to help your property owner sell quicker.

Buyer agents: I've got great printable tools for buyers here (coming soon). I've also got advanced resources, fantastic marketing strategies and some secrets up my sleeve to help elevate your referrals, showings and closed deals!

Scott is a Marketing Resource

Want someone on your REALTOR® team that understands the importance of online and offline marketing? Scott is known to browse help partner real estate agents with their Internet presence, strategy and general guidance to grow your client base for years to come.

Marketing Mastery

Through Scott's customer relations, Internet marketing and worth-of-mouth reach, Scott Buehler is able to consistently reach new home buyers and real estate borrowers.

Through Scott's client education, buyers will likely be pre-approved or pre-underwritten and ready to purchase. Clients will know that having the pre-approval letter will be a powerful bargaining tool to help them close on their dream home.

Client Education

With Scott Buehler, you can trust that your clients will have access to the best loan programs for their needs. Veritas Funding has access to a wide selection of loan programs including Utah Housing Corporation, USDA loans, VA, FHA, Conventional , Jumbo loans and more.

Consistently Fast Communication

Scott has over 20 years of customer service experience. Home lenders have direct access to Scott for quick answers to questions.

Additionally Scott's clients and REALTOR® partners receive consistent notifications throughout the lending process, from loan application to clear-to-close to funding.

Interested in Working with Scott?

Email sbuehler@vfund.com or tap anywhere in this box to call Scott. Let's arrange a strategy meeting in St George or Cedar City to grow a long-term working relationship.