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Whether you are a Utah, Nevada, Arizona or California real estate agent, registered NAR REALTOR®, real estate broker, homeowner's insurance agent, real estate or divorce attorney, escrow officer, credit repair specialist, photographer or otherwise involved in the real estate industry, the fact you are on this page and reading this makes you a very special and treasured person in my life. I look forward to a lasting professional and personal relationship that will last a lifetime.

My goal with this entire website is to teach the homebuyer anything and everything they'd like to know about home loans. On this page, my goal is to provide a little nudge, motivate you to push a little harder, venture into the uncomfortable, strategize, show alternatives and ultimately strike an "AH-HA!" moment that will serve to start / improve / increase business or otherwise help you towards your dreams.
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Dear Future or Current Partner,

I’m thrilled you are here, taking valuable time out of your day to read this resource. If you find any value, get ideas, increase your business or appreciate this Real Estate Knowledge Bomb, please reach out to me and let me know.

Everything I teach here on this page is provided with absolutely no obligation. A relationship between partners and friends is earned and never guaranteed. I only ask for your consideration in establishing a working relationship should I strike you as a person you’d love to work with.

I look forward to hearing how you’ve taken some of these tips and strategies to further your career.

Marketing Tips for All Real Estate Professionals

First, a bit about me. If you’ve had a look at my about Scott Buehler page, you’ll know that I’ve had a long, successful career in Internet marketing with various startups and a wide network of affiliate / content marketing websites that continue to generate revenue to this day.

I became a Loan Officer because I knew I could help many professionals in the industry, however, I believe I started in the wrong direction by only assisting a very select few per region. By being “exclusive,” it caused an undesired effect of having to repeat my strategies one person at a time (the lunch and learn strategy).

Additionally, each real estate professional has different ideas, strategies, marketing services and sphere of influence that they need to cater to and nurture. Because of this, a strategy that works with one professional may completely fail with another.

Lastly, even though I’ve spent countless thousands in my lifetime learning marketing, I also know that because this is a completely free resource with no obligation, less than 5% of viewers of this guide will take any action to implement these strategies.

I’m not a hoarder, I certainly love to help people succeed so why continue to keep things secret? The cat is out of the bag, lets get started!

Where’s Your Audience?

First, the 2022 statistics according to SEMRush. Where’s the majority of family-friendly Internet traffic going? 

1google.com17.98B per month
2youtube.com4.26B per month
3facebook.com3.89B per month
4amazon.com3.3B per month
5wikipedia.org3.1B per month
6yahoo.com1.83B per month
7reddit.com1.28B per month
8instagram.com939.19M per month
9twitter.com932.14M per month

When you observe the table above, it should be a clear indicator that Google search is still the reigning king of Internet traffic. The #2 website, Google’s YouTube video search engine and service, comes in at a 4th of the overall traffic. Everything else tapers off from there.

As many seem to focus on the distractions and toxic nature of social media, try switching things up and leverage the massive power of Google search!

Google My Business

If you haven’t heard of Google Business Profiles, focus on this section immediately.

With a free Google My Business listing, you’ll benefit from increased visibility on Google and placement in Google Maps for local searches. Ask prior and current clients to submit genuine reviews to increase trust and discovery.

Learn how to optimize your Google My Business listing at Moz.com and learn even more strategies at WordStream.

Did Juno? Google My Business allows you to specify a shortname under the “Info” section. When you specify something here, it enables shortlinks for your marketing materials.

My shortname is ScottBuehler which enables g.page/ScottBuehler for the main business entry and g.page/ScottBuehler/review for a review prompt which is a convenient link to share to my clients asking for a review.

Real Estate Service Professional Website

No matter the industry you are in, whether it be a real estate agent, photographer, attorney, credit repair specialist, escrow officer, moving company or other service provider to the real estate industry, I would highly recommend having a website created or create one yourself.

Don’t fall for the “if you build it, they will come” mentality when thinking out your website strategy. Your website is NEVER “finished” and should be a frequently updated, helpful resource, answers frequent questions and be an overall extension of yourself.

Those who put the most effort into their website always seem to be the luckiest when it comes to Google rankings. Why? When you create valuable, helpful, quality, useful and humorous content that your audience will love, guess what, they share it on to others!

Not only do you want to grow your audience, but search engines pick up on these share signals on social media and across the web which may ultimately help you rank higher.

When it comes to ranking, avoid “SEO tactics” and focus on creating powerful content. Executed properly, your audience will be the ones that handle everything you need to send positive signals to search engines spiders.

YouTube Channel

I say this all the time, but YouTube is the #2 search engine. 

Whether you are comfortable with it or not, going forward with a video marketing strategy focusing on your hot industry keywords will, over time, drive additional business your way.

One of the largest benefits to YouTube is the ability to connect with your audience in a very personal, meaningful way.

We all have a unique perspective of our world we live. Consider these types of topics:

  • Services you offer.
  • Favorite hobbies.
  • Favorite outdoor activities.
  • Local area attractions.
  • Local business highlights.
  • Share your passions!
  • Volunteer efforts and fundraising.
  • Challenge videos.
  • Current trends.
  • Motivational tips.
  • Investment strategies.
  • Success stories.
  • Testimonials.
  • Behind the scenes.
  • Giveaways.
  • Parody.

Besides video topics like the ones above, you may be wondering how you’d go about optimizing your channel to squeeze even more clicks, views, leads and conversions. Try The Complete Guide to YouTube Marketing and this guide which walks you through channel setup.

Facebook Marketing for Professionals

Here’s a quick guide to help you on your way to generating leads via this social media platform.

Facebook Profile: This is your main profile that you use to log in to Facebook. Once logged in to Facebook, click your name, click About then navigate the left side column to add information about yourself. 

Pay attention to the “Contact and Basic Info” section. Under that section, you will find a “websites and Social Links” section where you can add your website, primary social media links and more. Consider adding an opt-in landing page here to generate leads similar to how I’d added begin mortgage lead capture site to mine.

Your profile should feature hobbies, activities, interests, family and other personal information you’d love your audience to see. Think of this page as a way for your potential clients to learn more about you and your personality.

Facebook Page: If your company allows, create a Facebook Page for your business and name it after your website. The content on your Facebook Page should be more geared towards your real estate business. This is where you’d feature topical videos about your city, helpful guides to help buyers, awards, accomplishments and sponsored events.

In order to advertise on Facebook, you will need to run ads through a Facebook Page. It’s worth it to build it out with as much information about your company, services and more.

Facebook Tips for Success

  • Upload videos directly. Do not link to YouTube (less exposure).
  • Avoid link dumping. Ever see someone who just seems to link to listings where they get seemingly no likes or engagement? This hurts your ability to be seen.
  • Be social. Ask questions. Survey the audience. Engage.
  • Avoid asking for likes, comments and shares. Hurts exposure to your posts.
  • Be insightful, share knowledge, answer common questions and try to remain positive.
  • Other words to avoid: free, buy, sale, app, buy, coupon, deal, download, follow, install, offer, percent, promo, promotion, sample, save, shop, sweepstakes, giveaway, win and contest.
  • Use topics that get your audience talking to each other.
  • Target content towards more love, caring, laughter or sadness and less likes.
  • Post when your audience is online.
  • Go live.
  • Avoid clickbait, misinformation, fake news, misleading health info, deepfake video and other “evil” things.
  • Shout out people doing great things.

Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Welcome to the REALTOR® section to supplement the section above with more specifics tips that may help boost your referrals and leads.

Google Search

Focusing on the #1 source of traffic, I strongly recommend starting your own website. There’s quite a few popular website & CRM technologies available to choose from. Here’s a start to your research:

  • KvCore ($) – Many brokerages offer KvCore as an independent site upgrade for a small cost. Be sure to pay extra to place your website on it’s own domain name. Has limited features and capability but excellent for those starting out. Website has a lot of replication (bad for search) and limited customizations. CRM includes email, text and call marketing reminders and email sequences to stay in front of your clients. Still, a great choice for those that are not tech savvy and want an out-of-the-box solution.
  • Real Geeks ($$) – One of my favorites! Includes powerful features including a highly customizable, mobile-optimized website that is optimized for conversions, search engine friendly, fast-loading, custom landing pages with blog features and so much more. On the CRM side, it tracks and nurtures your leads, has a text autoresponder, email drip system, market reports, personalized mobile app and Facebook marketing tools.
  • Chime ($$$) – A rising star, many agents are seen recommending this platform. Includes all the features you need and all of the features you didn’t know you wanted. Lead triggering based on certain website activities, after-closing nurturing, artificial intelligence advertising and chat bot, lead routing, transaction management (track a lead through the entire process), intelligent property suggestions and much more.
  • Sierra Interactive ($$$) – The next step up from RealGeeks with tons more technology to help nurture your leads into buyers. I love the front-end website options and customizations it offers. A pricey solution I’d only recommend to those that have an established, converting website that they want to take to the next level.
  • Boomtown ($$$$) – Robust platform that has multiple billing tiers with various packages and solutions. A very early player to the market but known for its high pricing and lack of integration with other marketing solutions. Many agent group discussions mention using other solutions with paid marketing services to be cheaper than this all-in-one solution.

No matter the choice you make when it comes to a website and CRM system, the service you will use on a daily basis is the service you will have success with. I encourage you to reach out to these companies and ask for live demonstrations to see which one works best for you and your organization method.

Pair a service like this with weekly blog post guides, video tutorials, lead follow-up and more to have a well-rounded approach to earning more business. Give search engines plenty of time to start showing you in search results.

Don’t stick with the text they give you. Anywhere and everywhere that can be changed should be in order to stand out, provide excellent information to your audience and to be shareworthy.

It’s your site, it’s your brand, it’s… yours. Nurture it over the long haul and you’ll be rewarded!

Not sure what to write about? Check the YouTube section below for content ideas. One of the best things you can do is create a video on a topic, create a blog post on the same topic, link the video to the blog post and provide transcripts and additional information.

CRM-only solution: Have a website but looking for a powerful CRM solution? Check out LionDesk, it was designed for real estate agents and loan officers. An excellent solution that integrates CRM, transaction management, lead generation, power dialer, bulk texting, bulk email, video texting and email, pre-built drip campaigns and many more features under one solution.

Another population CRM solution is Follow Up Boss. It’s on the pricier side but I’m seeing many agents recommending this solution to others in Facebook groups.

Real Estate on YouTube

Additional topics you may want to consider besides the ones listed in the main “for everyone” section above that are more geared towards real estate include:

  • Neighborhood tours.
  • Benefits of using a buyer’s agent.
  • A day in the life of a buyer / seller agent.
  • First steps in buying a home.
  • Best in <FOOD> in <CITY>.
  • Top<NUMBER> <TOPIC> in <CITY>.
  • Retirement activities in <CITY>.
  • What I love (or hate) about <CITY>.
  • Top employers in <CITY>.
  • Guide to <CITY> HOAs.
  • What is a pre-qualification letter?
  • Tips about inspections and repairs.
  • Cheap ways to upgrade your home.
  • Benefits to using a buyer’s agent.
  • First steps to buying a home.
  • New construction tips and guides.
  • Top homebuyer mistakes.
  • General consumer info financial tips.
  • Property taxes in <CITY>.
  • Buying investment properties in <CITY>.
  • Differences between X, Y and Z.
  • How to buy as a young couple.
  • Smart home technology.
  • Solar technology advice.

Looking for specific marketing strategies for your real estate YouTube channel? Try this Ultimate Guide to Real Estate YouTube Marketing. It’s an excellent course worth reviewing.

Real Estate Marketing on Facebook

There’s a lot of first-time homebuyers on Facebook that you can tap into. Here’s some additional tips geared towards real estate agents, REALTORS® and brokers.

Guide Reminder: You are currently on the real estate marketing section of this guide. If you’d like to see my marketing tips for all real estate professionals, please see the table of contents and navigate to that section above.

Beyond direct marketing to your audience on your Facebook Profile and Facebook Page, consider marketing to new audiences! Your profile and pages are “walled gardens” of people who already know about you and services you provide. Besides advertising your page on Facebook Ads, consider reaching out to organized audiences within Facebook! See the Facebook Groups section below.

Facebook Groups

You will find there are a lot of groups on Facebook that allow advertising. All you need to do is search for groups specific to your city with key phrases like <CITY> real estate, <GEOGRAPHIC AREA> real estate (for instance, Southern Utah real estate), local dad / mom groups, volunteer groups and so much more.

Be sure to read the rules of each group you join, take note and don’t violate them. Group owners can and will remove your posts, warn you and even kick you out if you are not careful. Some groups are also known to have a zero-tolerance policy so don’t skip out on understanding the rules.

How To: Go to Facebook, search a term for your area similar to St George Utah Real Estate, in the navigation, click “Groups,” begin reviewing options and start joining making sure to answer any administrative questions that appear. Continue searching other cities and keywords to discover even more options.

Here’s some Utah-centric groups to consider:

  • Southern Utah Real Estate & Open House Events – Administrator is Scott Buehler. No advertising limits and available to all real estate agents, REALTORS®, brokers and homeowners. Limited to real estate listings to the Southern Utah region. You do not need to a partner with Scott in order to post in this group. Remember to answer any questions that are asked by interested buyers.
  • Wasatch Front Real Estate & Open House Events – Administrator is Scott Buehler. No limits but limited to the entire Wasatch Front Utah region. Available to all real estate agents, REALTORS®, brokers and home owners. You do not need to a partner with Scott in order to post in this group.
  • Moving to Utah – Leaving California, Washington, Idaho & Other States – Administrator is Scott Buehler. No real estate advertising allowed. A great place to network with those interested in moving to Utah. Real estate professionals are encouraged to build relationships with various text, image and video content that shares information about Utah, attractions, pros and cons, hobbies, real estate statistics and more. A partnership with Scott Buehler is recommended but not required to be an active member of this community.

Need co-marketing flyers and materials? The majority of flyers seen on my mortgage printouts and resources page and many more are available with your photo and contact details at the bottom. Besides sharing links to educational resources on my site, consider giving them card stock quality printouts of my flyers. I have everything from mortgage steps to DPA solutions, from credit knowledge to a home walkthrough checklist.

Other co-marketing solutions that have our information are available including door hangers, quality business card magnets, after-closing reference magnets (handyman services, home repair, home improvement, painting, flooring, utilities, etc.) or anything else you think may leave a good impression for a long-term client relationship.

Marketing Strategies for Escrow Officers

Beyond the marketing tips and strategies provided to all real estate industry professionals in the main section of this guide, I’d like to share some ideas with you that may improve your business as an escrow officer.

  • Website / Video: What’s New in <CITY>.
  • Sponsor state Land and Title Association (ALTA) events.
  • Attend annual NAR events with an exhibition / booth.
  • Advertise in local real estate catalogs.
  • Sponsor community events.
  • Share personal stories, behind-the-scenes activities, quick tips, case studies and more.

Google My Business for Title Offices

From first-hand experience doing loans in multiple states as a Loan Officer, a strong Google My Business page for the entire title office with lots of reviews goes a long way to get us to reach out to you for local title services.

When you link your website on your Google My Business listing, make sure it shows all escrow officers. With a staff page, you now give confirmation that an escrow officer receiving amazing reviews is still working there and methods to reach them for service.

As an escrow officer within your title company, consider having your own Google My Business listing as well. When you have clients that rave about your services, hand them a flyer with your title office Google My Business reviews shortlink and ask them to copy their review to your individual listing as well for double the exposure.

Important Disclaimers

The content on this page provides general consumer information. It is not legal advice or regulatory guidance. Scott Buehler updates this information periodically. This information may include links or references to third-party resources or content. Scott Buehler or Guild Mortgage does not endorse the third-party or guarantee the accuracy of this third-party information. There may be other resources that may also serve your needs. Guild Mortgage does not offer real estate services. Contact a licensed Real Estate Agent for real estate information. Guild Mortgage does not provide credit repair services. Guild Mortgage does not offer tax services. Contact your tax preparer for advice on your personal or business taxes.