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Mortgage Learning Center by Scott Buehler

Welcome to Scott Buehler's Mortgage Training, Guides, Resources, Q&A and so much more!

Welcome to the Mortgage Learning Center by Scott Buehler, a Senior Mortgage Consultant with Guild Mortgage.

This is your starting point to financing your dream home.

This page is divided into convenient sections to help you find answers to questions, resources, guides, training and so much more. Consider sharing this page with others.

All guides personally written and maintained by Scott Buehler. Need clarification or want to ask a question? Please contact me here or text/call me directly at 435.590.1019.

Commonly Asked Mortgage Questions

Tap on any question below to reveal the answer. Use the contact me here link above if you'd like to ask a question or start a questionnaire to begin the home loan process.
How do I get started with a prequalification?

Take my 60-second questionnaire. This will ask basic questions that will help me understand your home loan needs. From there, we can discuss your financial goals, concerns and you can ask questions or share concerns.

Wondering what is needed to receive a prequalification letter?

What documents do you need for a home loan?

The short answer is we need to document your income. W2 or 1099 employment, self-employment business income, pension(s), social security income, rental income, retirement distributions from IRA(s) and other income will all need to be documented in order to use it as qualifying income towards your new mortgage.

Please take a look at my mortgage application checklist to learn specifics.

What's the mortgage process like?

I've outlined a helpful guide that walks you through the entire mortgage process from the very beginning to taking possession of your home. Check out my home purchase process guide to learn the 10 steps to a successful home purchase.

How do I apply for a mortgage?

If you are experienced in buying a home, refinancing or you've been browsing my ultimate guide to a home purchase, you are invited to start a loan application here.

Need help with your loan application? You are in luck! I've written a full walk-through tutorial that walks you through the entire loan application process. Please visit my loan application walk-through guide.

Do you need additional help? Let's talk! 435.590.1019. I'd love to help you through the online application, take your loan application over the phone or in my office. What is easiest for you, I'm here to help.

Do you have any first-time homebuyer programs?

Of course! Check out my first-time homebuyer programs guide to learn the definition of a first-time homebuyer and to see what mortgage programs I have available.

What is a Loan Officer? REALTOR®? Underwriter?

There's a lot of people involved in your home purchase transaction. It's completely understandable that these job titles are confusing. To learn more about the professionals involved in the home loan and purchase transaction, please see my roles of a home purchase transaction guide.

What are your interest rates?

Did you know that interest rates and APR vary based on mortgage program, qualifying credit score, loan-to-value ratio and many other factors?

For this reason, I ask that you officially apply for a mortgage, have a discussion with me about your mortgage goals and I'll send multiple loan scenarios that will show you your options. These loan scenarios are presented to give you the clear data you need to make a decision.

Wondering what the difference in payment would be on a 15-year mortgage vs a 30-year mortgage? What's the difference in my payment between FHA and Conventional based on my credit score? What's the difference in payment between a down payment assistance program vs bringing a down payment via a gift?

Too complex? This is my job as your Mortgage Consultant. No two borrowers are the same, everyone has different goals in mind and I'm here as your guide to help you navigate your best options.

I haven't purchased a home before, what mistakes should I avoid?

I've written two guides that should help keep you on track when it comes to home shopping and home loan lending.

Home Shopping: Ready to jump into real estate searching sites without speaking to a lender? Thinking about skipping the use of a real estate agent? Have you considered closing costs? Think you won't qualify? I cover these topics and many more in my home shopping guide.

Mortgage Qualifying: There's definitely things you should avoid doing during the mortgage qualifying process. See my home loan mistakes to avoid guide to see my top 11 list!

Do you have down payment assistance programs?

Absolutely! Although down payment assistance programs tend to have higher loan fees, I do have options available for those that need assistance. Check out my Utah down payment assistance programs or California down payment assistance programs pages to see your options.

If you'd like to learn about other ways to come up with your down payment and loan closing costs, please see my creative financing ways to cover down payment and closing costs page for ideas and solutions.

What are the current loan limits in Utah or California?

The current loan limits are published in my ultimate guide to a home purchase training.

These new "Loan Limits" are announced each year and they are a big deal for the entire housing market. Higher loan limits mean better access to loan types for more borrowers. These vary by county and define how large of a home loan a lender (us) is allowed to fit under specific guidelines.

See below for the Conforming and FHA loan limits in Utah and California.

Featured Mortgage Learning Guides

Kids in moving boxes having fun with text overlay saying relocate to Utah or California mortgage guide

Your Mortgage Relocation Specialist

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Couple celebrating their refinance with Ultimate Guide to Refinancing text

Your Cash-Out, Remodeling and Debt Consolidation Lender

Are you considering consolidating debt, a home remodel or need to buy someone's interest out of a property? Take advantage of your home's equity with a cash-out refinance for these or other reasons. Noticing market trends that indicate lowering interest rates and want to lower your payment or shorten your loan term? Consider a rate

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Ultimate Guide to a Home Purchase

How to Purchase a Home with a Mortgage

The goal of this page of the Complete Beginner's Guide to Home Buying, you will discover how the mortgage process works from the very beginning to the end.
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First-Time Homebuyer Mortgage Programs

Looking for my recommendation for first-time homebuyers? This guide shows you available mortgage programs along with lists of features.
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Utah Down Payment Assistance Programs

In Utah and looking for a list of mortgage programs that feature down payment assistance solutions? Try this guide to get started today!
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California Down Payment Assistance

In California and wondering what down payment assistance solutions are available with me as your lender? Try this guide to get started today!
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The Mortgage Application Checklist

On this page of the homebuying guide, you will discover what may be required of you to document your income, debts and more. What do I prepare in advance?
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The Roles of a Home Purchase Transaction

Ever wonder who does what in the mortgage process? What does a Loan Officer, Loan Processor or Loan Underwriter do exactly? Learn here!
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Top Mortgage Solutions

Conventional Mortgage Lender

When searching for a conventional loan lender, you'll be in one of the best home loan solutions with many key benefits including removable mortgage insurance. Ask Scott about his Conventional First-Time Homebuyer program or the many other Conventional loan solutions that are available.
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Seller-Paid Rate Buydown Mortgage Lender

Where do I find a seller-paid rate buydown lender? Is a rate buydown available for Jumbo loans? Is a seller-paid rate buydown right for me? If the current market is favorable, you can get the home sellers to pay seller-paid concessions towards a temporary buydown to make your payments for the first 3, 2 or 1 years of your loan.
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FHA Mortgage Lender

Scott Buehyler is your FHA loan lender to help you qualify for one of the most forgiving types of mortgages available. Whether we use a temporary buydown, a down payment assistance solution or a standard FHA loan, Scott would love to be on your side throughout your home purchase journey.
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Jumbo Mortgage Lender

Scott Buehler is a Jumbo loan lender in Utah and California with many Jumbo loan solutions available. A Jumbo loan solution, or non-conforming mortgage, allows you to purchase more expensive homes with a loan amount above the conforming limit set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency.
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VA Mortgage Lender

Scott Buehler is a VA home loan lender in Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California. A VA loan solution is a mortgage backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). This solution provides affordable home financing options including zero down payment for eligible Service Members, Veterans and surviving spouses.
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Mortgage Refinance and Cash-Out Lender

Need a mortgage refinance lender? Looking to save on your payments or want to restructure your debt profile? A mortgage refinance solution allows you to take cash out of your equity, change your loan program or to take advantage of a new interest rate. Scott Buehler is your mortgage refinance lender in Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California.
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Featured Mortgage Questions

How Much Mortgage Can I Afford?

When you apply for a mortgage, you will likely see a pre-qualification* package that will show you the maximum loan amount that you will likely qualify for.
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What Are My Mortgage Options with Bad Credit?

In this guide, you will learn about your options with bad credit. FICO credit scores above 580 may qualify for a home loan. Scott Buehler home loan lender.
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Do I Need a 20% Down Payment to Buy a Home?

Did you know there are many mortgage options available that do not require 20% down or more? There's many low-down-payment options and even 100% financing available.
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