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Now you can get the help you need with Scott Buehler as your mortgage educator, guide and your home loan mortgage originator all in one!

Below, you will find all of my mortgage education resources including my popular 18-page first-time homebuyer course that walks you through the entire mortgage purchasing process and everything in-between.

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Complimentary Mortgage Learning Courses

Ultimate Beginner's Guide to a Home Purchase

The Complete Beginner's Guide to a Home Purchase

Want to learn the ins and outs of a home purchase? This 18-page guide written by Scott Buehler is your go-to resource to learning about the mortgage process, loan programs, walk-throughs, printable resources and so much more.

Commonly Asked Mortgage Questions

Click or tap on any question below to reveal an answer. Want to ask your own question? Scroll to the "Ask Scott Buehler" section below and I'll answer promptly!

How do I get started with a prequalification?

Take my 60-second questionnaire. This will ask basic questions that will help me understand your home loan needs. From there, we can discuss your financial goals, concerns and you can ask questions or share concerns.

Wondering what is needed to receive a prequalification letter?         

What documents do you need for a home loan?

The short answer is we need to document your income. W2 or 1099 employment, self-employment business income, pension(s), social security income, rental income, retirement distributions from IRA(s) and other income will all need to be documented in order to use it as qualifying income towards your new mortgage.

Please take a look at my mortgage application checklist to learn specifics.

What's the mortgage process like?

I've outlined a helpful guide that walks you through the entire mortgage process from the very beginning to taking possession of your home. Check out my home purchase process guide to learn the 10 steps to a successful home purchase.

How do I apply for a mortgage?

If you are experienced in buying a home, refinancing or you've been browsing my ultimate beginner's guide to a home purchase, you are invited to start a loan application here.

Need help with your loan application? You are in luck! I've written a full walk-through tutorial that walks you through the entire loan application process. Please visit my loan application walk-through guide.

Still need help? Let's talk! 435.590.1019. I'd love to help you through the online application, take your loan application over the phone or in my office. What is easiest for you, I'm here to help.

Do you have any first-time homebuyer programs?

Of course! Check out my first-time homebuyer programs guide to learn the definition of a first-time homebuyer and to see what mortgage programs I have available.

What is a Loan Officer? REALTOR®? Underwriter?

There's a lot of people involved in your home purchase transaction. It's completely understandable that these job titles are confusing. To learn more about the professionals involved in the home loan and purchase transaction, please see my roles of a home purchase transaction guide.

What are your interest rates?

Did you know that interest rates and APR vary based on mortgage program, qualifying credit score, loan-to-value ratio and many other factors?

For this reason, I ask that you officially apply for a mortgage, have a discussion with me about your mortgage goals and I'll send multiple loan scenarios that will show you your options. These loan scenarios are presented to give you the clear data you need to make a decision.

Wondering what the difference in payment would be on a 15-year mortgage vs a 30-year mortgage? What's the difference in my payment between FHA and  Conventional based on my credit score? What's the difference in payment between a down payment assistance program vs bringing a down payment via a gift?

See, this gets pretty complex! This is my job as your Mortgage Consultant. No two borrowers are the same, everyone has different goals in mind and I'm here as your guide to help you navigate your best options.

I haven't purchased a home before, what mistakes should I avoid?

I've written two guides that should help keep you on track when it comes to home shopping and home loan lending.

Home Shopping: Ready to jump into real estate searching sites without speaking to a lender? Thinking about skipping the use of a real estate agent? Have you considered closing costs? Think you won't qualify? I cover these topics and many more in my home shopping guide.

Mortgage Qualifying: There's definitely things you should avoid doing during the mortgage qualifying process. See my home loan mistakes to avoid guide to see my top 11 list!

Do you have down payment assistance programs?

Absolutely! Although down payment assistance programs tend to have higher loan fees, I do have options available for those that need assistance. Check out my Utah down payment assistance programs or California down payment assistance programs pages to see your options.

If you'd like to learn about other ways to come up with your down payment and loan closing costs, please see my creative financing ways to cover down payment and closing costs page for ideas and solutions.

What are the current loan limits in Utah or California?

The current loan limits are published in my beginner guide to a home purchase course.

These new "Loan Limits" are announced each year and they are a big deal for the entire housing market. Higher loan limits mean better access to loan types for more borrowers. These vary by county and define how large of a home loan a lender (us) is allowed to fit under specific guidelines.

See below for the Conforming and FHA loan limits in Utah and California.

"This is who you want to handle your mortgage. Period. Scott is the best! I'm a first time homeowner, and am extremely new to the process. Truthfully, I lacked even basic knowledge of how the mortgage process works. Scott was there for me, every step of the way - from the first phone call, until the closing.

He answered every single one of my (sometimes dumb) questions, was EXTREMELY prompt with every response, and was very kind and generous with his time. Beyond that, he provided a wealth of valuable information above and beyond what was actually required for my mortgage. It felt like I was talking to a friend."

~ Peter L.

"Working with Scott was great. He made the house buying process simple, fast, and overall a great experience. He listened to any concerns we had and took time out of his busy schedule to answer all our questions. The best part was that he was able to get us a super low interest rate on our mortgage. We will be recommending him to all our family and friends that are looking to start their house buying process."
~ Jose A.

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