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Get Relocation Assistance for Home Financing

Looking to move to Utah, Arizona, Nevada or California? Let Scott help with the home financing!

Utah Home Loans

Are you considering an upgrade, downgrade or relocation to the beautiful state of Utah? Perhaps you already live in Utah and would like to pull cash out of equity for a remodel, upgrade, debt consolidation or other reason.

Utah is an extremely hot market. Consider getting prequalified in advance so you are ready to strike with an offer immediately.

Click the button below to learn more about Utah. You'll learn about relocating to Utah, dos and dont's, get answers to frequently asked questions about Utah, gain access to Utah tools and resources and so much more.

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California Home Loans

Whether you are considering a California relocation to move closer to work within California or moving across the country to take advantage of an amazing job opportunity, it's important to get ahead with a mortgage prequalification.

When there's low inventory, there's less time a home sits on the market. When you are prequalified, you will be able to submit offers when that dream home comes available.

Click the button below to learn more about California including relocation questions and answers, dos and dont's and get access to other resources.

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