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Mortgage Application Walkthrough

How to Apply for a Mortgage with Scott Buehler as your Mortgage Advisor and Loan Originator

On this page of the Complete Beginner’s Guide to Home Buying, you will find a step-by-step walkthrough of my mortgage application process including various notes of the various options and screens.

On this page, you will find a button that will take you to my direct loan application. Once followed, you will be able to follow along the mortgage process.

Are you ready to apply for a home loan? Be sure to check out the Mortgage Application Checklist to see what you’ll need. After review, let’s begin!

Important: Remember your email used and password! You will be using these credentials often throughout the home loan process including to upload documents and to see the current status of your home loan.

First Steps in Appling for a Mortgage

Welcome to the Guild Mortgage streamlined mortgage experience. This page serves to answer most common questions along your loan application journey.

Please note: Your application may get shorter or longer as you fill out your information. As an example, if you’ve lived at your current residence for longer than two years, the “previous address” option will disappear as it is not needed.

If the first screen you see is asking you to add a co-borrower, go ahead and tap “Yes” if you’d like to add a second borrower to your loan application. This can be any person, either related or unrelated, that is willing to take part in your home loan including the responsibility of that mortgage debt.

If the first screen you see is “Welcome! Tell us a little about yourself” then you will have the option to add a co-borrower at the bottom of this first page.

Screenshot of the own or rent question of your mortgage application.

If you currently live rent-free, such as with a parent or guardian, select “I have No Primary Housing Expense” otherwise, choose “Own” or “Rent” and fill out the required information.

Page 2: “What kind of loan are you looking for?”

All information entered on this page can be updated later. Please fill this page as accurately as possible. If you aren’t 100% sure, enter your best guess and my team will update it later on in the mortgage process.

Choose “Home Purchase” when wanting to buy a home or “Refinance” if you’d like to refinance your existing home. The page is defaulted for home purchasing questions but if you select “Refinance” you will be asked refinance-based questions.

Fill out the remaining information and “Save and Continue.”

Page 3: “Let’s talk about your employment and income”

I will need two years recent employment history unless you receive other forms of income. Here’s some notes to consider:

If you’ve had your current job for 2 years or longer, just provide that job’s information.

If you currently work two jobs at the same time, please be sure to add both jobs to your application.

If you changed jobs in the last two years, be sure to add your prior job so that I have at least two years employment history in your lifetime.

If you were a student and have less than two years employment history in your lifetime, don’t worry, fill out your current job and my team will follow up requesting school documentation should it be needed.

If you have any other questions regarding this page, fill the page as best as you can and follow up later with additional information.

Page 4: “Let’s get a better picture of your assets & liabilities”

Add any and all properties you have ownership interest, including properties outside of the country. This is extremely important to prevent delays in your mortgage.

Screenshot of the financial assets screen of your mortgage application.

For financial assets, be sure to include your bank account that receives your income deposits and also the bank account you will be using for your down payment funds.

Page Five: “Declarations”

Please answer all questions honestly. We’re required to gather this information as part of your application. For the fields you respond “Yes” to, you’ll be asked to provide an explanation.

Under demographic questions, please read the disclaimer statement and fill out your answers accordingly.

Page Six: “Application Release”

Answer any questions remaining and “Submit my Application.” That’s it! From here, watch for emails as you will be invited to take part in various loan services meant to help speed along your mortgage process including AccountChek, eConsent and more.

Thank you for trusting me with your home loan!

Important Disclaimers

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