California Down Payment Assistance Programs

Your guide to California down payment and/or closing cost assistance!

Is a down payment the only thing holding you back from homeownership? On this short page of my Home Buying Course, you will get access to my California down payment assistance printout and references to other pages of this website that go into detail about specific programs available to you.

Indeed, down payment assistance is here for those in need

When down payment assistance is the only option, these programs are an excellent fit. Keep in mind, traditional loan programs including VA, USDA Rural are available that have 100% financing. Other loan program options have low down payment requirements as well which may result in lower overall loan costs. Please consult with Scott Buehler, your Senior Mortgage Consultant, before making a home loan program decision.

California Down Payment Assistance Printout

Tap the button below to access my California guide to down payment assistance (DPA).

Important page notes!

Due to the changing nature of down payment assistance home loan programs, I request you visit the direct program information page on this website for details. This helps me improve the overall accuracy of this website by having program specifics on one page.


Learn more about CalHFA down payment assistance programs here!

CalHFA offers Conventional and FHA down payment assistance with non-forgivable (repayment required) 2nd (and sometimes 3rd) subordinate loans to help with down payment and/or closing costs.

If you pay off the first by selling the property, refinancing the first mortgage, or at maturity of the first mortgage, transfer title to the property, or allow others to assume the first mortgage, the subordinate financing becomes due and payable. These loans are not forgivable, nor do they go away after a period of time.

Scott Buehler is an approved lender for CalHFA.

Chenoa Fund

Learn more about Chenoa Fund down payment assistance programs here!

Chenoa Fund offers forgivable (Soft Seconds) and non-forgivable (Repayable Second) options with various pros and cons for each option. Forgivable options trend higher on interest rates but allows your down payment assistance loan to be forgiven after a certain amount of on-time payments.

Scott Buehler is an approved lender for the Chenoa Fund.

Other Options to Consider

Generally speaking, most down payment assistance programs are a more expensive home loan option when it comes to rates and/or loan fees. As always, homebuyers are encouraged to save for a down payment when possible.

There are low down payment options through Conventional home loans and FHA home loans. There are also traditional 100% financing solutions through VA home loans (if eligible) or USDA home loans (if the property is in a designated rural area).

Want to discuss your California DPA options?

I'm happy to discuss your California down payment assistance program options with you to help you decide if this is the right direction for your home purchase needs. Take my 60-second questionnaire then send a text to 435.590.1019 to arrange a call today!

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