Complete Beginner's Guide to a Home Purchase

A step-by-step, guided learning experience to home ownership by Scott Buehler

Confused? Anxious? Just not sure where to begin? You are in the right place with this complete beginner's guide to home purchasing. Welcome to the Scott Buehler home loan experience, where it is my goal to educate, inform, problem solve, answer questions and so much more as your Senior Mortgage Consultant and Loan Officer.

The goal of this website section is to help you understand the home loan process, provide insights into mortgage guidelines we must follow and go way beyond the typical call of duty to hopefully establish a long-lasting relationship where I'm trusted to handle home loans for you, family, extended family, neighbors and friends.

This Complete Beginner's Guide to a Home Purchase was written to be followed step-by-step for those newer to home loans, but please feel free to jump around to quickly find the answers you are looking for.

Let us begin, shall we? Below, you will find numbered tabs that will take you to the home purchase guide section that interests you. Once you click, look for a navigation section on the right (desktop, tablets) or bottom (mobile) to find your way around.

Beginner's Guide to Home Ownership by Scott Buehler

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How to Get Additional Home Buying Assistance

I'm adding guides and resources all the time to the website. Be sure to click through one of the nine guides above and look for a section labeled Home Purchase Course Navigation. On PC or Tablet, it'll be on the right column. On mobile, you will find it at near the bottom of each page. This navigation section will have all of the latest guides and resources, organized by category to help you find the help specific to your needs.

Of course, every home buyer scenario is unique. If you'd like to ask me anything specific to your home buying scenario, please feel free to email me using the email address on my business card above or fill out the form below. I'm always happy to respond to emails, texts and would love to set up a call to talk things over.

Not interested in buying a home but want to refinance your existing home? Check out my home refinance page. Soon, I will be releasing an ultimate guide to refinancing that will be formatted similar to this Complete Beginner's Guide to a Home Purchase guide.