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How to Apply for a Mortgage in St George, Ivins, Washington and Cedar

Written By  Scott Buehler

Whether you are moving from California, upsizing, downsizing or buying your first home in Southern Utah, you will need a home loan.

Below, you will find the options that best fits you and your needs.

How to Apply for a Mortgage with Scott Buehler

There are a few options to make the Southern Utah home loan application as easy as possible for you:

Online Home Loan Application

If you are comfortable ordering products and services online, you are likely the perfect candidate for my online home loan application.

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My online application allows you to save time, hassle and offers convenient benefits including mortgage document uploading, mortgage loan status updates, saves you a ton of time and can be done from a computer or from your mobile device.

If you don’t have a scanner, the online application can still be completed. Once submitted, you can either scan documents using your phone’s camera or come in to my office and I’ll scan everything for you. Whatever is easiest for you.

In-Office Home Loan Application

Technology not your thing? No problem! Come on in to my private office and see me in person. Using my two-screen computer, we can fill out your home loan application while you watch me through the entire process.

Please visit my Southern Utah page for my office address. Send me a text to 435-590-1019 to arrange an appointment.

Consider bringing in your home loan mortgage documents. After we fill out your home application, I will scan all of your documents during the same appointment to save you time.

Apply for a Mortgage from a Phone

If you are moving from out of state and don’t want to do the online loan application for whatever reason, you can apply for your home loan via a phone call.

Please send me a text to 435-590-1019 and we’ll set up a call to begin your Utah loan application. Please allow 30 minutes to an hour to complete your application.

Can’t text? No problem! Call 435-590-1019 and leave a message. I’ll call back as soon as possible.

Tip: Remember to consider what NOT to do when applying for a mortgage. The last thing you want is for the closing department to do a final credit check and see something new that would cause your loan to be cancelled at the last second.

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