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First and foremost, welcome to my website and thank you so much for choosing my mortgage guides and resources as your learning platform!

My mortgage team and I are excited to guide you through the home buying process with amazingly fast, professional, courteous and personalized service to help you feel ease from any possible stress, anxiety and confusion.

I truly believe I was placed on this Earth to help others. Whether it's your first home purchase or you've been through the mortgage process multiple times, I look forward to being your home loan consultant!
Scott Buehler Home Loan Lender

Scott Buehler's Reviews

Happy couple holds a sign that says home sweet homeMother and Father sit with boy surrounded by boxes

You are invited to verify my reviews on Google or Zillow at any time. These are unedited reviews with hand-chosen bolding to highlight my favorite statements made from my clients. Many wonderful reviews I've received privately are not shared here as I want you, the viewer, to have the ability to verify the statements made for complete transparency.

"This is who you want to handle your mortgage. Period. Scott is the best! I'm a first time homeowner, and am extremely new to the process. Truthfully, I lacked even basic knowledge of how the mortgage process works. Scott was there for me, every step of the way - from the first phone call, until the closing.

He answered every single one of my (sometimes dumb) questions, was EXTREMELY prompt with every response, and was very kind and generous with his time. Beyond that, he provided a wealth of valuable information above and beyond what was actually required for my mortgage. It felt like I was talking to a friend.

Does it sound like I'm laying it on sort of thick? I am, and with good cause. Scott made the whole process a breeze, and I can't say enough good things about him... including that he locked in a killer interest rate for me!

I highly recommend him for your home loan needs." Peter L.

"From the first contact, Scott was always available and responded quickly and thoroughly to my MANY questions! I had a unique situation and he was very knowledgeable about the different options.

His online site made it very easy to send documents. In fact we did not meet in person until the day we closed! It was very "hassle free". I would highly recommend Scott!" Chris H

"Working with Scott was great. He made the house buying process simple, fast, and overall a great experience. He listened to any concerns we had and took time out of his busy schedule to answer all our questions. The best part was that he was able to get us a super low interest rate on our mortgage. We will be recommending him to all our family and friends that are looking to start their house buying process." Jose A.

"First and foremost we would like to thank Scott for his excellent customer service. Honestly though it goes beyond that, he cares and gets the job done! Scott is knowledgeable about the market, his products and helps his clients get what they need and in a timely manner. Really, he doesn't miss a beat. Thank you for helping us with our Re-Fi and for adding in the humor where it was necessary to get me through the gathering of the paperwork where I had to dig up things in places I really didn't want to go. We will not hesitate to recommend Scott to anyone we can. Keep Smiling and doing what you do best!!" Sharon B.

"Scott is an amazing loan officer. Our refinance went smoothly and closed within 2 weeks. He was very conscientious with every detail and professional. He was in contact often throughout the process. We will definitely use him in the future for our real estate needs." Katherine H.

"We received the best customer service with Scott. He politely answered every question and was available every step of the way. The process was easy, on-line, and it was wonderful meeting him in person. I highly recommend Scott. He took care of us in California and Utah." Katherine G.

The Mortgage Bengal

Bengal kitten in a lap looking back at cameraJuno rests on a bed appearing exhausted from a fun day's activitiesJuno the Mortgage Bengal playing in Grass outdoors.Juno, the Mortgage Bengal, resting in her cat tree basket looking back at the camerafrom a day's activities.Close-up photo of Juno to display her natural heart marking.

Did Juno?

(Did you know?)

Ever see this question on my social media or sprinkled throughout this website? It's my tongue-in-cheek way of saying "Did you know?" while referencing the name of my gorgeous Bengal cat!

Traditional mortgage advertising is boring, why not make it fun while sharing awesome mortgage tips and strategies?

Introducing Juno, the Bengal Cat.

My wife and I tend to follow themes when naming animals. Our first generation of animals were named after various games and gaming characters including Checkers, Domino, Tidus and Yuna (Final Fantasy X).

This time around, we decided to name our animals after goddesses. We have Athena, a rescue tuxedo cat and Juno, a Bengal cat.

Juno's dad is Jumanji, from Leopard's Realm cattery. Juno's mom is Prada from Niema Bengals cattery located in St. George, Utah which is where we bought Juno (btw, if you are in the market for a Bengal cat, they are highly recommended).

Juno's birthday: April 11th, 2020.

Juno and Athena enjoy each others' company and get along extremely well. When separated, you'll hear Juno chatting, meowing and chirping to let us know she misses her sister.

"The Mortgage Bengal?"

I'm a huge fanatic of tigers, especially Bengal Tigers. When my family visits the zoo, they have to peel me away from the tiger exhibits because I could sit and watch them for hours on end.

Unlike Mike Tyson or "The Tiger King," I'll never own an actual tiger but my gorgeous Juno is the next best thing!

Certain mortgage situations can be extremely difficult but Juno is always there to provide lap cuddles, wand toy leaping, laser chasing and other activities to distract, calm and solve that rare slow-period boredom!

I'm "The Mortgage Bengal" because it's fun and describes my two passions in a simple catchy, memorable way!

"Ready to Say Hurray?
Begin.Mortgage Today!"

Since we're already talking about my advertising slogans, here's another slogan you may see on my truck locally in the Southern Utah area.

I'll never forget the moment where one of my clients stood up and shouted "HURRAY!" and leaped for joy. Where other lenders said no, I helped her solve all of her loan stoppers which resulted in a hard-earned closing of her dream home. It was such a wonderful moment that has forever changed my perspective when working with clients that have made past mistakes but have proven their creditworthiness.

Every time I walk up to my truck and see this message, I tap it with my hand, say a quick thank you to her for the reminder and get on with my day.

If you've read this far, just a note to share my thanks to you for taking such incredible interest in my animals and marketing. 

Additional Info About Scott Buehler

Scott Buehler was born and raised in Barstow, California. He is the youngest of two brothers and one sister. Scott went to Barstow High School from 1993 - 1996 where he participated in the Barstow High School Aztecs Marching Band as a trumpeter throughout all four years. Most notably, as part of the Aztecs Marching Band, he was able to attend the Portland Rose Festival, competed against rival Southern California marching bands and participated in a NFL half-time field show.

After high school, Scott developed a passion for computers and the Internet. His first Internet experience was AOL and that now-infamous "You've Got Mail!" sound that also included the whining handshake sounds of a dial-up modem.

Within a year, Scott began working for an AOL software add-on company called BPS SoftWare, Inc. where he offered live chatroom customer support and solutions. During this time, Scott learned HTML and hand-coded (in Notepad!) his first website that shared ASCII chatroom macros which could be used to scroll text-based artwork to a chatroom. If you've done any research in the Internet past, you can imagine his first site to have autoplay MIDI music and dancing GIFs all over. It was a fun experience that was a stepping stone towards an entrepreneurial career.

It is at BPS SoftWare where Scott spent a lot of his free time online to the point his mother demanded he get his own phone line as he tied up the household phone at all hours of the day. Through AOL he met Tammy, his now wife. Tammy also worked at BPS SoftWare where they both formed a strong bond, friendship, relationship and eventually married. Scott & Tammy have been together for well over 20 years and enjoy three kids together. Two are grown adults and one is making her way through grade school.

After AOL, Scott went on to further his knowledge in website creation and revenue generation. First, it was eBay where he created multiple training guides that were sold on 3.5" floppy diskettes (remember those?!?). From eBay, Scott began creating affiliate marketing websites that served as the middle-man between software vendors and customers interested in solutions that solved various problems.

At peak, Scott operated hundreds of websites with a very large domain portfolio.

Desiring a change, Scott then went on to launch an eCommerce business that ran 3 successful eCommerce stores. He sold custom-printed t-shirts, hoodies, leggings and other merchandise. Other stores sold phone cases, jewelry, Internet trendy products and modern furniture. During this time in his career, he was able to employ his oldest daughter who ran fulfillment, customer service and more.

Today, Scott Buehler is a successful, dedicated and passionate Loan Officer. Scott considers the mortgage industry as his final stop in his long career. It is the mortgage industry that challenged Scott to come out of hiding as a behind-the-scenes entrepreneur to a career that has allowed Scott to develop amazing relationships, meet awesome people and make a major difference in people's lives, one home loan at a time.

Did Juno? Scott Buehler has contributed 100% of all content you see on this website and is also the site layout, designer and creator. Besides the company-provided downloadable flyers and marketing materials, Scott has had no help with this entire project.

Scott's Hobbies and Activities

Scott's zen place is being near water. He loves boating, jet skiing, exploring waterfalls, river walks, exploring the Pacific ocean or even plopping a folding chair in the river and relaxing. There's just something about the sounds of water that relaxes and allows the brain to wander (ponder the universe).

Besides water activities, Scott enjoys leisurely hikes in the national parks and mountain ranges of Utah with friends and family. Scott also enjoys spending quality time with family, catching up on TV shows, writing, photography (non-professional) and long walks.

Picture of Scott holding a Scott Buehler with his daughter AlyScott's wife Tammy with Aly on a hike with the Grand Canyon as the background
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