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Scott Buehler Home Mortgage Consultant

Your path to homeownership starts here.

"Every loan has real PEOPLE going after their DREAMS and GOALS. Allow me to be a small part of your incredible STORY you tell family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances." ~ Scott Buehler

A senior mortgage consultant experience. 

Don't subject yourself to luck-of-the-draw when calling a lending company to begin a loan. With Scott Buehler as your Loan Officer, you'll know who you are calling, have access to experience, a vast knowledge and incredible rates with no excess points or fees.

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Scott Buehler Homebuyer Book

Free Homebuying Guide

Learn the benefits of buying a home including potential equity growth, predictable costs, possible tax write-offs, freedom to renovate and decorate and so much more.

You will also learn the steps to purchasing a home. From getting pre-qualified, shopping for a home, appraisals and finalizing your home purchase at the closing table.

Tap to download your Home Buyer Guide below!

Take Advantage of Low Rates with a Refinance!

Interested in refinancing your mortgage? I offer multiple refinance solutions including:

 • Cash-Out Refinance  • FHA to Conventional Refinance  • Rate Reduction Refinance  • VA IRRRL  • Debt Consolidation Refinance  • Multiple Loans into One Refinance  • Down Payment Assistance into Conventional Refinance  • Remove Someone Off a Loan Refinance  • Divorce Refinance  • Eliminate Mortgage Insurance Refinance  • Change Length of Loan (30 to 15 Year, etc.)  • Investment Refinance  • and more!

Curious how much you can save with a refinance?

Use the "Request Call" button on the top-right of this page. Have your most recent mortgage statement ready to send over and I'll work up mortgage scenarios based on your GOALS.

Calculate My Utah Mortgage Payment

Have a monthly mortgage payment GOAL?

Try Scott Buehler's Utah mortgage calculator. The costs are estimated for Utah property tax, hazard insurance and mortgage insurance to give you a good idea of your mortgage payment.

In California? Try increasing the property tax from 0.7% to 1.2% for a closer look into your California mortgage payment estimate.

It's possible to eliminate Private Mortgage Insurance with Conventional home loans. Please set up a call to discuss your home loan options that would offer the absolute lowest payment.

Tip: Use the "Add Extra Payments" option to see how adding $50, $100 or more to your monthly payment will drastically shave years off your loan!