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Your path to homeownership starts here.

"Every loan has real PEOPLE going after their DREAMS and GOALS. Allow me to be a small part of your incredible STORY you tell family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and acquaintances." ~ Scott Buehler

The effortless and smart way to buy or relocate.

My mortgage team and I are excited to guide you through the home buying process with amazingly fast, professional, courteous and personalized service to help you feel at ease. Unsure? Check my Mortgage Learning Center for awesome guides and resources to help with your journey.

The direct, no call center approach to home loan lending with Scott Buehler by your side.

From the moment you make the first call to signing the final documents, Scott Buehler is directly available via email, text and calls. No call center, no automated tellers and no constant re-explaining your situation to multiple people.

Scott is the primary loan contact for your real estate agent, escrow officer, homeowner's insurance agent and all other professionals involved in your transaction to help keep miscommunications to a minimum.

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Learn the benefits of buying a home including potential equity growth, predictable costs, possible tax write-offs, freedom to renovate and decorate and so much more.

You will also learn the steps to purchasing a home. From getting pre-qualified, shopping for a home, appraisals and finalizing your home purchase at the closing table.

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Take Advantage of Low Rates with a Refinance!

Interested in refinancing your mortgage? I offer multiple refinance solutions including:

 • Cash-Out Refinance  • FHA to Conventional Refinance  • Rate Reduction Refinance  • VA IRRRL  • Debt Consolidation Refinance  • Multiple Loans into One Refinance  • Down Payment Assistance into Conventional Refinance  • Remove Someone Off a Loan Refinance  • Divorce Refinance  • Eliminate Mortgage Insurance Refinance  • Change Length of Loan (30 to 15 Year, etc.)  • Investment Refinance  • and more!

Curious how much you can save with a refinance?

Use the "Request Call" button on the top-right of this page. Have your most recent mortgage statement ready to send over and I'll work up mortgage scenarios based on your GOALS.

Calculate My Utah Mortgage Payment

Have a monthly mortgage payment GOAL?

Try Scott Buehler's Utah mortgage calculator. The costs are estimated for Utah property tax, hazard insurance and mortgage insurance to give you a good idea of your mortgage payment.

In California? Try increasing the property tax from 0.7% to 1.2% for a closer look into your California mortgage payment estimate.

It's possible to eliminate Private Mortgage Insurance with Conventional home loans. Please set up a call to discuss your home loan options that would offer the absolute lowest payment.

Tip: Use the "Add Extra Payments" option to see how adding $50, $100 or more to your monthly payment will drastically shave years off your loan!