Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Google Plus

Google Plus Ultimate GuideI’ve seen quite a few people who don’t understand Google Plus or think Google Plus is some sort of wasteland with giant swaths of inactivity. I was one of these people until I decided to dive in and really explore the social network and become active on there to see what this G+ thing is all about.

The end result is this guide, a complete Google Plus guide for the person who is just getting started, or quite simply, started but staring at a boring feed with zero activity. Take a look at the sections below and click any section that has your interest.

The Google Plus Beginner Guide Sections

When browsing this guide, you can click the below links to jump to the section you are interested in. I’ve done this for your convenience and for my ability to link directly to sections from within this site as well as on Google Plus when helping people.

  1. What are circles? I’m confused on how they work!
  2. My Google Plus feed is inactive! Because of this, I feel Google Plus is a giant wasteland or ghost town!
  3. How do people format their posts with bold and other rich text?
  4. What are hashtags?
  5. What are communities?
  6. How do I get more people to circle me?
  7. What are hangouts all about?
  8. OK, Scott! I’ve followed your guide and now my feed is out of control! Any suggestions?
  9. How do I create a separate page for my website or company?
  10. Conclusion 

What are Google Plus Circles?

Think of Google Circles as categories. You likely have many interests in life and finding people to fit those interests on Google Plus is easy and fun with a quick Google Plus search. With Circles, you can categorize people by your interests.


This video, created by Google, shows you exactly how Circles work, how you interact with them, how to add people to them, and so much more. Worth the watch!

My favorite feature with Google Plus Circles is the fact that you can use them to send topic-specific email notifications specifically to that circle group. If you’ve got a group of awesome locals in your area that you have in a Circle called “Locals,” you can send them a notification about a function going on in town.

Pro Tip: Create many circle groups around your interests and carefully place people in the right circle groups! Trust me, as you grow your Google Plus, you’ll want to be able to take advantage of other advanced features I’ll talk about later in this guide.

Is Google Plus a Wasteland? Hardly!

Google Plus is boring to you because you haven’t circled anyone interesting! To get started, I highly recommend adding a circle share I’ve created that will instantly activate your Google Plus feed with content.


The above is called a Circle Share and is created by myself, Scott Buehler. This is a great way to start your feed with content that may interest you. Let’s add one now:

  1. Click here to go to Scott Buehler’s Hyperball Circle Share. Note: I updated this on July 12th, 2013.
  2. Click the white “Add people” button.
  3. On the next screen, create a new circle in the field at the top and name it something like “General” or “Hyperball.”
  4. Click “Create or Add to Circles.”
  5. Join Scott’s Hyperball Circle Shares Community to find my latest editions of the Hyperball released every Saturday and more.

Once finished, go back to the Google Plus main page and take a look at the Google Plus “Wasteland” now. Instantly, you should see a ton of new content, photos, shares, and hundreds of comments to these posts. Pretty cool right?

From here, you’ll likely find topics that interest you and you’ll also find interesting people just browsing the comments of some of these posts. Try to add people that have at least 500 people that have circled them because this is a good indicator that the person posts interesting content to their feed.

Scott Buehler Google PlusAs an example, at the time of this writing, if you look at my Scott Buehler Google Plus page, you should see something similar to the image on the left showing I have 3,942 people that have circled me. Take a look at the person’s page and if their content interests you, add them to your circles by using the red button in the header, simple!

Now that you’ve started with some people in your circles, find more. Use search on topics that interest you and begin circling people like crazy. Within a week, you should have a massive list of people you’ve circled and the main page of Google Plus will become highly engaging to you with many topics you can readily comment on, share, and more.

Quick Note: Google has internal limits on how many people you can circle in a day. If you see a tiny red flag appear that you’ve reached your daily limit, don’t worry, just come back in 24 hours and add some more. Slowly, over time, you’ll be allowed to add more people to your circle groups. This is done as a protection measure to guard against spammers and there’s no way around it.

Google Plus Post Formatting

Google Plus Formatting Post

As you can see in the screenshot above, there are three ways to format text for your Google Plus posts.

  • *Bold* – Using asterisks will bold the text.
  • _Italics_ – Using underscores will make the text have italics.
  • -Strikethrough- – Using dash with cause a strike-through effect.

Google Plus Formatting DemoI posted the above rich text demo to a private circle to show the outcome of the above post. As you can see to the right, once posted to Google Plus, the text has the intended bold, italics, and strike-through effects we wanted. Pretty cool, right?

Google Plus Hashtags Explained

Hashtags are useful inside Google Plus because they help you find posts that use them and also help you organize your own posts that use them. As an example, I’ve started my Hyperball shared circle to reward people who are active in my posts as well as a way to help people populate their Google Plus feeds. In my posts, I use the hashtag #hyperball so that people can find my circle shares easily.

  • How to create a hashtag? Simply use “pound” in front of the word. Using #webhostingchoose in your post, when published, will create the link #webhostingchoose.
  • How can I use hashtags? You can click them from other posts to see topics posted with the hashtag or use the Google Plus search to see them in action. Try a search on your interests and you’ll likely see many posts using hashtags.
  • How can I find my friends’ posts with hashtags? See below.

Google Plus Hashtag Filtering

When you do a search on Google Plus, you’ll see a grey search bar below the search field that allows you to filter your results. If you’d like to see what your circled friends are posting with that hashtag, click the More option then “From your circles” as shown in the screenshot above.

There are many ways you can use hashtags in Google Plus. You can create your own, use them privately, categorize all of your posts, and however else you feel they might be a value to you.

Latest Google Plus Hashtag Developments

Google Plus Related Hashtags

Google Plus now displays the first 3 hashtags you used in a post as Related Hashtags – they show in the upper right of the post. Click on one of them and the post Flips Around and then shows you other posts that use that same hashtag.

In the interest of most exposure to your posts, with Google’s latest development of showing the first 3 hashtags, you might want to use the most important ones first as they are the only ones displayed! I now try to keep my posts to 3 hashtags where possible because I have a feeling that any more may cause a post to be flagged as a hashtag spam and cause less exposure to others in your circles and on hashtag pages.

Google Plus Communities Explained

Another great way to remove the Google Plus “Ghost Town” or “Wasteland” effect is to join communities. Communities are large groups of people based around a common theme. All you need to do is search Google Plus and look for the “Communities” section on the right to find communities that interest you. Or, you can browse all communities on Google Plus and find ones that interest you as well.

Once you find some awesome communities based around your interests, I highly recommend circling people that provide excellent content. This way, you can follow their posts on your main feed and engage their content. The more you engage with them, the more you become part of the community, and the more popular you’ll become (often, they will circle you back if you post great content too).

With Communities, you can create Private Communities or Public Communities.

  • Private Communities – These communities are geared to be an exclusive group of permitted people. As a creator, you can mark these to not be searchable within Google Plus or you can allow them to be searchable but members must ask to join to be a part of the community. An example of this use: A company wants a central location for all of their employees to discuss topics, rant, suggest, and more, but hide the topics from the general public and Google Plus users.
  • Public Communities – As it sounds, these communities are open to the public. The communities are searchable within Google Plus search and as a creator, you can leave the community open for anyone to join or you can set it so that users must request to join and be approved before they can contribute to the community.

In order to create your own community, go to the Google Plus Main Communities Page then click the blue “Create Community” button on the upper right of the page. If you’d like to see what a community looks like, see my communities list below.

Scott Buehler’s Communities

  • Tiger of the Day – I love Tigers and I noticed there wasn’t an active community focused on this beautiful animal. So, I created this community and started sharing Tiger photos like crazy. After inviting a few people, I’ve now got an active community going. Just a hobby.
  • Hyperball Circle Shares – As you’ve seen throughout this post, I’m big into the Circle Shares community. I decided to create my own community based entirely around the Hyperball theme. I just recently created this community and is actively being worked on.
  • Animal and Landscape Animations – Animated GIFs only of animals and landscapes. We accept other types of animations as well, as long as they are in GIF format.

How to Gain More Followers on Google Plus

I joined Google Plus when Google first launched the network but then promptly ignored the network for a long period of time because I just didn’t “get” where Google was going with the network. However, once I did further study in April of 2013, I figured out that I needed to get active on there because there was huge benefits to networking on Google Plus that simply wasn’t available anywhere else. The problem, of course, is I had less than 40 people circling me from the time I first joined to the beginning of April, 2013. Here’s how I gained a fairly large following (nearly 4,000 at the time of this posting) in less than two months time.

  • Circle Shares – Already discussed above. I found great circle shares of active engagers and shares along my interests. I immediately saw a lively main page and began commenting on everyone’s posts that interested me, met some awesome people, and people started circling me back.
  • Update Your Profile – On your Google Plus, go to your main page then hover your mouse over “Home” on the upper left, then click Profile. From there, click “About” in the navigation bar near the top, then look at “Story” on your profile. Is it blank or basically useless? Click the edit link and write all about yourself, your projects, your interests, and hobbies. Basically, fill this bad boy with everything you’d think people will search for on Google’s main search engine. This will help your exposure and allow more people to find and circle you. Here’s Scott Buehler’s Google Plus About Page. I update it about once a month because I always remember a thing or two more to add to it.
  • Share, Share, Share, Share, Share, and Share Some More! – This is a very important part of getting people to circle you. You should share as much as possible. Share articles you’ve written, share hobbies, share photos that grab your attention, share things you find hilarious, and keep going. If you make a few posts go viral, you’ll have a flood of people circling you in no time. Here’s a couple posts of mine that went hot / viral recently: Faith the two-legged dog animated GIF; This baby giraffe will make you saw D’awwwwwwwwwww.
  • When Sharing, Use Photos! Google is very photo-centric. Whenever you share a topic or interest, try to find a photo you can share along with it to grab more eyeballs. Many people have fast-updating feeds, so if you use an eye-catching photo, you’ll increase your chances of being seen.
  • Create a Personal Brand Website – Welcome to’s reason for existence. The primary goal of this site is to raise awareness of myself and what my interests are. The best part is people find me on my websites and circle me on Google Plus on a daily basis. Make sure your site has Google Authorship (see link below) enabled so that you are credited by Google for your content.
  • Become a Writer – The more great content you write on sites that have Google Authorship enabled, the more your pretty face appears in Google searches. The more you come up in searches, the bigger the chance people will find you and circle you.
  • Share Other People’s Content You Find Awesome – People can see who share’s their content on Google Plus and many people have rewarded me for sharing their content by including me in their circle shares or by sharing some of my content on their much more popular Google Plus profiles. This has helped me gain more circles, more awareness, and more importantly, I’ve made some great business contacts.

What Are Hangouts?

Google Hangouts are a way for you to video-chat with one or more people directly with other Google account owners. Besides video chats, you can also engage other members in group conversations, chat, and so much more. Take a look at Google’s Hangout video:


Pretty cool right? Hangout operators can also do “Hangouts on Air” and record the entire session directly to YouTube to share and view later which is an amazing feature. See how you can use Hangouts on Air by viewing this video by Google as well:


In the end, hangout possibilities are endless. Strike up a conversation with a group of people you find interesting, have weekend gatherings, heck, play a few games together in a hangout session.

The best part about hangout is, once you have a decent following, you can start your own hangouts and make yourself an authority on a topic that interests you. If you know a topic extremely well and want to share your knowledge, starting hangout sessions might be your ticket to fame on Google Plus.

Taming the Beast – Controlling Your Feed

Remember my pro tip about creating multiple circles? This is where the magic happens.

  • View Specific Circle Group Streams – The first thing you may not notice is at the very top of your Google Plus main page, there’s a list of all your circles that you can click on. If there’s a topic you’ve created a circle group for, click that topic and find on-topic posts from the people you’ve circled in that group.
    Keep Google Plus on Topic
  • Disable Certain Circles’ Posts on Your Home Stream – If you’d like to disable an entire circle group from appearing in your main feed, Google Plus allows this. When I use circle shares, I often create a generic circle group that I place these people in. I then tell Google Plus that I want this circle group to not appear in my main feed. To do this, follow the above “View Specific Circle Group Feeds” instructions. Once you’ve clicked a circle group, then follow this:
    Prevent Circles from Showing in Feed
  • Accelerate or Decrease Certain Circles’ Posts on Your Home Stream – What if you’d like to see more posts from circle groups you love but less from others without disabling using the option above? You can! On the picture above, when you get to #2, make sure “Show your posts in Home stream” is checked and you’ll see new options shown below:
    Show Posts in Home StreamIf you hover over “Amount: Standard” or whatever you have, you’ll see the above options. With this wonderful feature, you can slow down and decrease circle group Home Stream posts you have less interest in and increase the Home Stream posts you have a huge interest in.

Why disable people from appearing in your feed? Why don’t you just remove them from your circles entirely?

Great question! I’ll frequently come across great looking circle shares and add them. By placing them in a circle group that is disabled from my home stream, I can, at my own leisure, go through the people in these circle shares and determine if I want to keep them or ditch them without disrupting my feed. Usually, I place circle shares in generic groups and then I’ll go through them and place the awesome ones in proper circle group categories they fit in. Once I do this, their posts immediately begin to show on my main stream so I can interact with them. Cool, right?

Google Plus Brand Pages

Google Plus Brand Pages

Another great feature of Google Plus is the ability to create and manage separate brand pages. These allow you to create separate entities on your Google Plus account so that you can feature information about your website(s), businesses, and much more.

If you’d like to create a brand page, click here to get started. Once you follow the link, you should see something very similar or exactly like the above screenshot I posted for this section. From here, you can create pages for:

  • Local business or Place Page
  • Product or Brand Page
  • Company, Institution, or Organization Page
  • Arts, Entertainment, or Sports Page
  • Generic Page

Creating the actual page itself is a piece of cake. Just follow the prompts, add your company details, and complete your page within minutes.

Once your page is completed, you can find the page on your Google Plus dashboard. On Google Plus itself, hover your mouse over “Home” then click “Pages” to find it. Or, you can click the down arrow next to your photo on the upper right of Google Plus and click “All your Google+ pages.”

Conclusion and Info

A lot of time was spent on this post, however, as with most great posts, it is never “finished.” I plan to return to this post and update it when new things come up or when someone asks me a question I haven’t answered here already. Since I’ll link this post directly in Google Plus when I see a question asked that I know I’ve answered here, I’ll make it a point to keep this updated.

Introducing the Plus Mastermind Course!

Plus Mastermind by Scott Buehler

Do you want to take your Google Plus efforts to the next level? I am the creator and owner of Plus Mastermind and would love to share with you everything I’ve learned over the course of 12 months on Google+. I’ve had zero refunds, everyone is extremely satisfied with their results, and I’m having a blast helping my customers succeed. Join now!

If you have any suggestions, questions, or feedback, leave a comment below. Thanks!


    • Scott Buehler says

      Thanks for commenting Louis, you are actually my first comment on this relaunched website! I found you on Google Plus and added you to my next hyperball as a token of my gratitude. Thanks for sharing this with your feed as well.

  1. Barry says

    Great post, nailed it to a “t”. The communities in G+ are filled with people who actually engage in that subject and you end up learning alot of stuff you didn’t know or think of.

    • Scott Buehler says

      Barry, I love chatting it up in Communities in my spare time. I haven’t even encountered any bad moderators along the way (unlike Reddit, them people love to show their authority). I totally agree with you!

    • Scott Buehler says

      Thanks Michael! Trying hard over here but you are right, I’m doing everything that I talked about in this guide with huge success. I pointed this out in the guide, but I went from 50 some circles to 4,500 now in less than two months. Not too bad really.

      Now if I can get a strategy together for Facebook and Twitter. Having a tough time with those.

      • Rebecca says

        Hi Scott. I’m very new at this. Thanks for some info. You mentioned Facebook. Is there an easy way to move photos from G+ to Facebook?

        • Scott Buehler says

          Rebecca, FriendsPlusMe has a service that allows you to automatically share new photos to Facebook profile(s) or pages and several other social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. However, there’s costs involved.

  2. Isak Edblad says

    Hi there Scott Buehler. Your posting on Google+ got me here!

    Just want to say, I like the in-depth your going through. (I say it with envy, I wish I had time to really share some of my thoughts.) At The Fik Initiative we’ve got a few posts covering some basics on Google+, but I wanted to comment here just to underline something: Communities are incredible.

    My next G+ article will be about them. But I won’t spoil more than that now though! :-)

    • Scott Buehler says

      Hey Les, glad to help! Hyperball is my themed use of the shared circle. I use them to reward my active users on Google Plus and they sure do appreciate it. Every week I get a lot of nice comments from people who didn’t even know shared circles exist. Love it.

    • Scott Buehler says

      Thanks Andrew. These strategies all have helped me grow nearly 4,500 followers (circlers) on Google+ since I started. Unlike paid versions of getting circles, my increase is real people who engage my content which is incredible. I’ve got more engagement from my 4,500 than guys with nearly 40,000.

  3. Scott Scowcroft says

    I love sharing valuable information about G+ (of course always with attribution), and posts such as your’s here, Scott, ranks in the top 5% of great resources to share. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting.

  4. Ande Lyons says

    Terrific post Scott!

    Always happy to see a quickie guide to this lovely social media platform.

    Any social media platform requires mastering, engagement and being very consistent over a long period of time. Perhaps some folks found G+ to be a Ghost Town because they were expecting the immediate and high engagement found on Facebook?

    I’ve been welcomed and embraced here on G+ … but I think it’s because I go out and engage others. Kinda like moving to a new neighborhood – you gotta go out and say howdy and find out what everyone’s up to.

    Thanks to Ronnie Bincer (yoo hoo Ronnie!) I’m a huge fan of Hangouts on Air and just started a new weekly show.

    And I love the communities, especially Lead With Giants.

    I believe every social media platform provides a business owner with the opportunity to expand their territory and serve more people. For my line of work, Twitter and Pinterest drive the most traffic while Facebook provides me with wonderful ‘focus group’ feedback. I’ve only been engaged on G+ 8 months… so it’s still too soon to see a significant lift… I’ll keep you posted!

    Your new devoted fan,


  5. steve noble says

    Incredibly useful resource as im working in a developing nation for a publishing company whose directors have a strong print prejudice. we are currently developing a social media strategy this information has been invaluable. Thanks for your hard work.

  6. Lisa says

    Scott! This is an awesome guide to G+ – the best I’ve seen yet. I appreciate all the hard work you put into creating it and helping us all learn more.

    See you on G+

  7. terri benson says

    thank you for clarifying a lot of things. i do have a question..
    how do i delete a page..the way they word it, i will lose ALL pages and I.D. if i try to delete. i have 3 extra pages from when i was still learning
    how to create communities, etc.. i’d like to delete at least 2.
    thanx again, terri

    • Scott Buehler says

      Hey Terri, it’s quite simple really.

      To delete a page on your Google Site:
      - Go to the page you want to delete.
      - Click the More drop-down menu.
      - Select Delete page.
      - Confirm you want to delete the page by clicking Delete.

      If you decide you want the page after deletion, you have 30 days to recover it.

  8. Maureen Serafini says

    Oh my word you put soooo much work into this. A wealth of information!
    Thank you. you are the man!

    • Scott Buehler says

      Thanks Justin. You were one of my first idols on Google Plus when I got started along with about 5 others. People I watched, noted, and attempted to mimic when I had about 70 circlers to my name. Man how time flies when you are working your tail off. :)

  9. Estonish says

    Hey Scott, great guide. I appreciate all the information about communities. I’m new to Google+ (only a few months) and hadn’t got involved with communities yet.

    I do have one question about the + count number that appears on my page. My count fluctuates up and down on the same day. My ‘score’ might go up +70 then later in the day or the next day it is down +38.

    The number of people that have me circled has either gone up or remained the same. Are people coming back and removing +1′s from posts? Do you know how this is calculated?

      • Estonish says

        Scott, I believe I have figured it out. It is persons that circles you then +1′s several of your posts to gain attention. Then after you circle them back they come back and un-circle you and remove the +1′s. Blatant spam techniques.

        I was traveling a couple days and didn’t access my Google+ page and the notifications showed someone with a lot of activity but when I went to the post to verify the activity it was all gone. Not enough time in the day.

  10. Steve Hoge says

    2.5 flavors of text formatting seems pretty thin functionality to be considered “rich text.” Can’t figure out why Google doesn’t open this up and allow at least BBcode-style formatting and inline media. Am I the only one missing this? At least media posts in replies would be a plus – even FB allows that these days.

    • Scott Buehler says

      Steve, for BBcode, that is subject to debate I’d imagine. For me, I prefer the clean easy-to-read text with no colors. I do like the idea of allowing media in post replies though. That’d come in handy when I want to show someone how to do something with a screenshot.

      • Steve Hoge says

        Well, I think we could agree that colored and blinking text styles have certainly been abused!

        But the ability to indent, change fonts, sizes and justification are key to readability in postings that are more than just a few lines, may include quotations and references, subheadings and lists, etc. These are legitimate formatting tools that every blogger (and the more sophisticated BB user) employs, but are inaccessible to G+ posters.

        But perhaps Google means to intentionally distinguish between G+ and Blogger content?

  11. Wade Harman says

    Scott, this was an all in one package here! You covered about everything that I could think of on G+. There is one aspect that I’m still researching on the images, and you can let me know what you think: Images are very important, and when you share a cute doggy pictures, then there’s not much need for wording or text. However, what do you think when sharing a blog post? Is a picture the only thing that you would need? ie, when you share your post, a picture usually pops up, but I have found that writing certain words can get the most out of your updates on G+ what do you think?

  12. Marie Anne says

    Extremely helpful information, and I’ll be sharing this. I’ve been on G+ for some time but never did much with it before, and only in recent weeks started giving it more attention. The information in this article will be very useful.

    • Scott Buehler says

      Marie Anne, Google Plus is fun fun fun for me. The network connections I’ve had from Google Plus far outweigh anything else I’ve tried. I’ve picked up 50+ real friends from there and thousands of fans. I’m testing to see if I can turn that into a raging success to my new project at Animammals and it is working very well.

  13. Chadwick Halse says

    Hey Scott! I recently created a google plus page about a week ago. I am unable to add people to my circles, or to plus one and share most post? I am allowed to follow other pages, is there a requirement of followers to a page before one can begin to add other “people” to circles? Thanks a lot!

  14. David says

    Hi. How do I share a picture directly with my G+ page, not the profile page? Lets say I have a G+ profile David Vlk. I upload my pictures from my mobile to this page. As David Vlk I have created a G+ page called Now how do I upload pictures from David Vlk to the page Thanks for helping me.

    • Scott Buehler says

      David, on the top left of the Google Plus page at, hover your mouse over “Home >” then click pages. From there, you can “Manage This Page” which will then allow you to share photos, website links, and whatever else.

      You can also get to your page on the upper right by clicking your Avatar icon then selecting the page. The only thing about this method is you’ll need to wait for the page to fully load and then click “Manage This Page” when it finally appears at the top. Once you click that, you can then add content.

      Either way, once you get there to where you are able to manage the page, I recommend bookmarking the URL so that you can quickly return to the page with management already enabled. That’s what I do! :)

      • David says

        Sorry, but I believe that what you suggest is not a solution to my problem. I need to be able to add pictures from my profile page to my G+ page. So following your instructions when I go to manage page, I see there an option to add photo, but I can select only photos that are on the account I am currently managing. What I am trying to get is a better way than having to upload pictures to 2 different profiles / page I have. I have David Vlk and as David Vlk I have created a page I automatically upload pictures from my mobile to David Vlk. And I want to share them with

        • Scott Buehler says

          David, sorry, misunderstood. This is tough to explain, but you’d need to be in “Manage Page” mode and then visit your main profile. From there, you can directly share from your main profile to your page using the share arrow button. It will be a share though, so your main profile will appear with the image. There’s no way to directly post an image from your main profile to your page because they are treated as separate entities in G+.

  15. Grace Walker says

    Scott, i think i have a similar problem to Chadwick Halse. For the past couple weeks, whenever I try to add people back who have added me, a red pop up bar comes up stating that I have reached my limit. My confusion is I see that you have over 27k in your circles with over 2700 followers. I have 1700 followers and under 5000 in circles. How do I correct this issue as I thought the purpose of google plus is to add people and increase the numbers in your circles. You can check my page and see the error message

    • Scott Buehler says

      Grace, Google Plus has daily soft limits and a global hard limit of 5,000 maximum. It is important to try to maintain a ratio of more people circling you than you circle. I saw a Grace Walker profile on Google Plus that has me circled (perhaps you) which has 4,500 people in their circles but only 1,700+ circling the account. In these cases, I always recommend removing several thousand people if possible and work on getting more people circling you.

  16. Luke says

    Scott, this guide is awesome! I have a number of marketing bibles from the likes of Neil Patel and the Kissmetrics guys but this one is right up there with the best!

    We used your techniques to gain more followers and we have literally doubled our following in the last two weeks from 7k to 14k. We kept the content funny and visually engaging and some of the gifs and memes we post went crazy viral!

    Great work and thank you!


  17. Dave Valler says

    Hi Scott

    I’m having an issue where I post a photo into 6 or 7 different communities, but the last one or two communities that I choose to post don’t even get any views and therefore no +1′s.
    The other communities all respond well to the pic with dozens of +1′s and some comments. Is there a limit to the number of communities you can post to in one time period?

    Thanks for the blog post

    • Scott Buehler says

      Hey Dave, I believe you are hitting a spam flag. On the last two that you post, go back to the community and see if you see a line drawn in the name/date area of the post. If you see the line, that means the post was marked as spam.

      In general, I only reshare a post of mine 3x or so with good results. I don’t like to push the limits too much.

      • Dave Valler says

        Thanks Scott

        I’ve checked those posts by going back to the community and searching for my name to bring the post up – there is no line through my name or date…?

        However, I suspect it probably is a spam thing. I will try to choose fewer communities for the next one. Let me know If you find out any more information about it.

        Incidentally, is there any way of sharing to multiple communities at once? At the moment I do it manually by creating a new post for each one.


        • Scott Buehler says

          Hard to judge, I don’t have sufficient data here to give you an answer on why certain communities aren’t engaging. I don’t know if the communities themselves are typically engaging, or if the community is looking for a specific niche to engage with and your content doesn’t fit the bill. Like I said, unsure. LOL.

          As for sharing, I do it manually. But like I said, I only do 3 or so (if any at all).

          • Dave Valler says

            Ok thanks. It’s not an engagement issue because on other occasions I get lots of engagement from those communities.
            When I look at the post details the stats show 0 views which is not really possible when posting to something like the Photography community with over 70,000 members. All my other posts have ~1000 views.

            Anyway, I will take your advice! Appreciate the quick responses.

          • Jessica says

            Hello Scott, I’m very new to Google Plus and really appreciate your instructions. I have two problems and I wonder if you’d be able to help?

            1. I have some notifications but can’t access them. The coloured ball just keeps going round when I click on it but nothing happens….should I be doing something else?

            2. If I share a post to ‘public and circles’ and then again with a community, the post is duplicated on my profile page. Is there a way to hide the second copy as it looks a bit of a mess?

            Thanks for your help! All the best, Jessica

          • Scott Buehler says

            Jessica, 1) Make sure you don’t have JavaScript turned off in your browser. Notifications are displayed in an overlay. As a workaround, try going to the main notifications URL in this link.

            2) Yep! There’s a way to hide your shares to communities. Go to Google+ Settings then near the bottom, find the Profile section and uncheck “Show your Google+ communities posts on the Posts tab of your Google+ profile.”

          • Jessica says

            Thanks for your help Scott, that’s really kind of you. I haven’t found where the javascript thing is yet but will keep searching!

  18. joe says

    Hi Scott,

    If I have a team that has teams of people and we seek to do hangouts what’s our best bet? In other words I don’t want to have to manually list all people on our various teams in google plus myself and then invite them to a hangout. It would take forever. I would rather have a single link that’s connected to a single circle so that I can send an aweber broadcast to all the teams so that all the team members can sign up for the prospective circle. is this possible as I didn’t see anyway to do it.

    Thanks, joe

  19. Janet says

    Thanks for this guide!

    I have an observation about text formatting. I’ve noticed that sometimes the functions don’t work. I was frustrated because if my title or word had punctuation in it such as, *Let Your Students’ Artistic Abilities Shine*, the bold functioning is ignored and the asterisk shows up in the post. Same if I try to use an ! or ? at the end of a sentence. I found that I have to put the finishing asterisk before the ! and it works. Based on that I reformatted my sentence as *Let Your Students*’ *Artistic Abilities Shine* and the entire text was completely bolded.

    I hadn’t seen this addressed so I thought I would put it out there for anyone who was wondering why it wasn’t working for them.

  20. Esa Riihonen says

    Google Plus Post Formatting.

    Does anybody have any idea how to turn off this “fine” feature or protect a “connected” minus sign from being interpreted as a strike through command?

    This totally ruins any text of type:
    “The temperature was from -20 C to -35 C”

    And in Finnish at least there are rules that require hyphenation characters to be written connected to a piece of text => total chaos.

    To me this feature seems like not very well thought of.

  21. Esa Riihonen says

    Oooooops sorry that I didn’t actually check the temperature example: the system actually works OK with numbers. But the problem is still real for the other reasons mentioned.

  22. Ethan Presberg says


    This is a wonderful article! I really learned a lot about how to use google plus!

    I will take to heart what you said here and try and implement it in my google plus profile and hopefully will grow it!

    Thanks again for this totally awesome post!

  23. Jen Wieber says

    Hi Scott,

    This has truly been the most useful G+ guides I have come across. Thank you! I have a question that I have not found an answer to, yet. I have a personal account on G+ linked to my work email, and also manage 5 other pages related to the business I work for. When others add me to their circles, do they see all the activity on those other pages, or do they need to add each of my pages to their circles in order to see them? If it’s the latter, I wonder what the idea of having pages is all about. Wouldn’t it just be the same to create a different profile for each? I hope you can help. Thank you so much for taking the time!


    • Scott Buehler says

      Hey Jen! When others add your personal profile to circles, they will not see what you are doing on your pages in their stream. In order for them to see what you are posting on these pages, you need to have an effective strategy to get people to circle your pages. For me, pages are all about connecting websites to Google Plus, posting relevant content to the page niche, and reaching out to others. Hint: Share your page on your main stream with a reason WHY someone should circle you there.

      I wouldn’t recommend using a second Google Plus account. That is what pages are there for. You also shouldn’t register a Google Plus account with a business name.

      Personal Account > Business Page

      Why do I use pages? Well, when I find myself posting about a topic that doesn’t interest my main audience much, I register a page and post that content there. I then use the page to circle people I know would find that content amazing. I currently have around 25 pages, most I post to about once a week, but some I post daily to.

      • Jen Wieber says

        That was extremely helpful. Thanks! One more question, then:

        So…I have two google+ accounts because I have two google email accounts and did not fully understand G+ at that time, so I set up both thinking that I could easily delete one later….finding out that it’s not that easy, right? I don’t want two google+ accounts, and I would rather combine the two. Is there any way to do that? I am finding that when I want to share a status or post something, I am often on the profile that I do NOT want to be in and it’s causing me some confusion. Also, I have more followers on the first account I created…I would like those followers to be on the other account where I have created pages. Help? …thanks so much!

  24. Michael says

    Any idea how to make words and sentences BOLD in the ‘About this Community’ section of a community I help moderate? I’ve tried the asteriks and also html “” but can’t


    • Scott Buehler says

      Michael, it isn’t possible in communities. They do offer styling capabilities for page about sections but not communities. If you have a community you know of that does have formatting, I’d love to take a look.

  25. Neil Ferree says

    Nice Google Plus guide Scott. I’ve got a couple of new clients who are still on the fence post on whether to expand their SMM to include G+ so I wanted to find a source that explains what G+ is and how to use it and the business benefits they can expect to yield. I’m going to send them here to read this guide post which will bring them up to speed on the 5 W’s of G+. Nice work! Neil

  26. Matt says

    Hi Scott,

    What I’m trying to do is to build a popular G Plus page for my business, should I be concentrating on my business page or main page?

    Thanks in advance,

  27. 300watches says

    Hi Scott,

    Thank you very much for this very helpful Google plus Ultimate Guide of yours. 300watches really needs this right now. Will surely implement these.

    Thank you once again.

    Ilya “300watches”

  28. Ali says


    Can you please let me know, why google give me the message of “You have reached the maximum number of Plus pages.”, when i try to create the youtueb channel

  29. Katherine Kotaw says

    Hi Scott! I know you already have a plethora of comments here saying how helpful and wonderful this article of yours is, but it is so helpful and so wonderful that I can’t help but add my comments to the mix as well :) I’m so grateful to be a part of your circles on Google+ and so happy to be a part of your Tiger community — I absolutely love all the beautiful and stunning tiger pics I get to see in it :) Thank you for taking the time to write such an in-depth but easy to understand and put into action piece about Google Plus. I can’t say enough nice things about G+ and the true sense of community there and I look forward to getting to know you better in the amazing community that is Google+! Wishing you a happy weekend :)

    • Scott Buehler says

      Hey Katherine! We’ve been sharing each other on Twitter lately, so fun! I love guides written in this style so I learned how to do it and most of my stuff is written like this now. People really seem to identify with it because they can drop right where they want to read. Glad to help you out!

  30. Pops says

    In your topic Share, Share, Share, Share, Share, and Share Some More! I was wondering if there is a limit to how many shares and posts you can do, as i post regular topics from websites every day,but i now get”Your post was not shared. Please try again.”this happens when i post 50 or more posts consecutively I’ve looked at the help topics and found nothing or missed it somewhere a long the line.It didn’t do this before and has started in the last week or so.Its making me feel like saying good bye Google+ Please help if you can,I’ve ask Google if there is a problem but as you probably know they never get back to you.Help.

    • Scott Buehler says

      Pops, I’d need to see what you are doing. If you are link dumping posts to Google Plus via websites, I can see how they would limit that activity. Try downloading an image from the article and then doing an image share on Google Plus along with a link to the article within the description. Might have far better results (in my experience).

      • Tad Toring says

        Your post was not shared. Please try again. This is a problem that no one in the world has the answer to. I would be amazed if you did. It happens frequently. I don’t post porn or break the rules, and usually post only to my Friends group and Public when appropriate. I just started posting today, and it popped up. “Please try again.” does not work, so it rather is a waste of time and rather rude of Google to encourage it. Please Help. Thanks, Tad

        • Scott Buehler says

          Hey Tad, I’ve seen this before in certain browsers for whatever reason. Either the service was down and not available to be posted to or try a different browser (I recommend Chrome, obviously the browser is quickest on Google’s services). Sometimes browser plugins interfere as well.

    • joe says


      Is there a way to import a list of emails, like 2,500, into one of your circles in google plus? What is the most efficient way to get a list of emails into google plus account with the objective to notify them of future hangouts right before the hangout happens?

      Thanks, joe

      • Scott Buehler says

        Hey Joe, I’m not aware of a direct method. I know the reverse is possible, you can add people to circles and have them appear in Google Contacts for export, but not all profiles make their email public.

        I think even if this were possible, you’d probably have a 10-20% success rate of adding the emails to circles because of privacy settings.

        • joe says

          Hi Scott,

          Doing my first hangout. is it true that anyone who attends a hangout has to be a google plus member? Even if they’re given the you tube link to watch it live?

          Secondly, am i right in saying that panel members are given the url from the address bar after the hangout is scheduled and that non panel members are given the youtube link from the bottom right corner?

          Thanks, joe

          • Scott Buehler says

            Joe, if they have a YouTube link to watch live, they don’t need to be a Google Plus member.

            As for your second comment, the user is presented the hangout event link when they are logged in to their Google Plus account and you either 1) invite them, 2) they have you in their circles and see the event in the main stream, or 3) they check the events section of Google Plus. YouTube people will see the YouTube event only if they are subscribed and looking for it on the account that is hosting the event (as far as I know, not a YouTube expert).

  31. New to Google Plus says

    I am trying to figure first of all if I have been banned from posting to a couple of communities that I belong to.

    I have two Google+ profiles. When I post from one account to the community and search for that post from the other profile in the same community searching by the account name of the first profile nothing comes up.

    So assuming I got banned, how can I communicate directly with moderators or for that matter anyone. How can one have a direct communication with another user?

    I was also wondering in general what constitutes spam in most communities and on Google+. I want to post my own stuff but also have no problem in participating in the community.

    Thanks in advance to the forum for any advise that can be given,

    New to Google Plus

  32. Carmen Mandich says

    Exactly what I needed to learn more about circles and to convince others to join in! Clear, simple and people-friendly……… Precisely what I was looking for. Thanks so much for sharing and looking forward to having others join in the experience of a lifetime!

  33. Tyler Jones says

    Hi Scott,

    Happiest of Holidays to you & your family !!

    Your article was fantastic – thank you for all the hard work – it really helps the newbies like myself. I’m beginning to implement your suggestions – I’ve been a YouTube partner for years but only been active on Google+ for a month.

    I see you in the “Circle Me Up” community & I always share your posts. I must say I’m having a great deal of fun on Google+. I’ve just started posting my storm chasing pics (I have thousands of them).

    Once again, thanks and keep up the great work !



  34. Ivo Henfling says

    Scott, you did an incredible job on your Beginner’s Guide for Google+. I wish I had found this on day one, would have saved me so much time and effort. But thanks a zillion, thanks to people like you, it’s fun to try new things every day!

  35. Tony Velazquez H says

    wow Scott this is a fabulous resource and i bet a hard work but at the same time i know n that hard since we all enjoy Google Plus, anyways Thanks for the hard work you put into this, Scott.
    It is very appreciated.


  36. Kriti says


    Can you please tell me how to disable updates from people i have in my circle from my Google+ PAGE!!
    I’ve literally tried everything. But it just doesn’t seem to work. I dont want any updates from the people on my home page.

  37. Julie Blackledge says

    Thank you for the hard work you have put into creating this information, as a person unfamiliar with the abbreviation world of the internet ( a little like walking into your first physics lesson when i was at school lol ) your straight talking explanations of features and for me the pictures :) have helped me understand how g+ works and alleviated some of the fears i had of upsetting someone by doing something wrong, you are a star thank you.
    PS only covered this section i am sure i will be back to cover more…..

  38. Vic says

    Great guide but I stumbled here in the process of finding a way to disable the “Suggestions List” within Google+… any ideas?

  39. Timothy Chirillo says

    Hi Scott,

    May I ask you a question ? It may sound dumb, but here it goes- I have over 500 followers to my page, but not much activity. Am I sharing it correctly? When I post publicly, do all my followers see it?

    • Scott Buehler says

      Timothy, it depends on the settings of the Google Plus user. As a user, you can place circles in “hidden from stream” circles (see the stream management section). For the most part, you need to focus on making your content more engaging. Ask questions, upload a photo instead of direct linking to the articles (if linking), and try to use photos that pop. Lastly, it helps to act as the page (upper right, switch to page) and search out content that is relevant to you and comment/mention people like crazy. You should also do a community search and find 10+ communities to join as the page and try to stay regular there to make yourself an authority in your niche. Just a few ideas (I go over all this in my Plus Mastermind course.

  40. Ellen says

    I use goggle plus as a teaching project. Is there a way to delete old posts and private messages to students from last year in bulk and not one at a time?

    • Scott Buehler says

      Ellen, unfortunately, no. I’ve always done this manually. I’d suggest creating separate PAGES (not new profile) for each school year. Then you can just delete the page and start a new one. You can create a page from your G+ profile here.

  41. Celeste says

    Thanks! Lots of great tips. Did not know you could look up hashtags for only your posts – which will be a great way for me to save posts I want to read later. Also liked all the suggestions for taming the news feed.

  42. Peter says

    i created a Gmail address this week for job applications. Within an hour a friend of mine put me in their circle. I didn’t even know he or I had Google Plus. I have since downgraded the account but how did he know to i was on Google Plus when I hadn’t told anybody about my new email address? How do i prevent this from happening if i decide to make another account in the future? Thanks.

  43. Sharon Torrey says

    Hi Scott,

    This might seem like a silly question but I’ve searched and can’t find an answer – hopefully this will help others as well…
    I have many gmail accounts, but I only want ONE active on google plus – how do I turn off my other email addresses so that people don’t see the wrong one?

    i.e: I’m coming up in my own google plus as a person to add to my circles because I can’t figure out how to turn off g+ for that email, lol

    Also, I’ve got people that have added me using my other email – how do I transfer them out of the circles on that address to my new one and let them know I’ve done this?

    Thanks in advance

    • Scott Buehler says

      Sharon, you will want to carefully (and I can’t stress that enough) go through your Gmail accounts and DELETE the Google Plus accounts you do not want. Go to Google Plus settings under the account(s) you want to remove then At the bottom of the screen, find the heading Disable Google+. Under the heading, at the end of the phrase “Delete your entire Google profile here”, click “here”.

      Just please make sure you delete the accounts carefully. You don’t want to delete an account you want to keep!

      There is no way to transfer the people from one account to the other. They will need to be notified manually to circle the right profile.

  44. Muhammad says

    Hi Scott

    Great post. I’m new to the Google+ scene and I have a question which you might have already dealt with. I set up a page, but when I add a youtube video (for example) via the Google+ option, it doesn’t share it on the page that I set up. It shares it to a different page! And the confusing part is that that page has it’s own gmail login, but is somehow connected to my main gmail account.

    I remember being asked to set up this new gmail login somewhere along the line. I would like just one manageable page, where all my shared g+ items are posted.

    What have I done wrong?

    • Scott Buehler says

      Muhammad, that usually means the YouTube account is connected to the other page. I’d have to have full access to your accounts to diagnose this unfortunately. I’d disconnect the connection on YouTube’s side and follow this help page to reconnect it to the right page. Best of luck!

      • Muhammad says

        Thanks for the help. I’m trying the disconnect part now. If I’ve got this right, there’s a Google+ profile and a Google+ page. I need to connect my Youtube to the Google+ profile.

        Hopefully it’s gona sort out the confusion!

  45. Michael Henderson says


    Someone created a google + local business account, (could have been me) sometime ago and now cannot remember the email address of the ‘owner” . Obviously, only one owner is permitted per business but I cannot find which email address owns it. Is there a way to do this?

  46. Nathan Brook says

    I’m glad you found the post useful. Embedding on Google Plus is a relatively new feature. Facebook and Google Plus seem to be rolling out a lot of updates lately.

  47. melissa says

    An excellent article. I just stumbled upon your informative blog. I have really enjoyed reading your very well written blog post.

  48. Randy Crumley says

    Great tips. Unfortunatly, I can’t filter the hashtags as shown. The ‘More” drop down doesn’t have those options, only “following” and “stream layout” I was really looking forward to using # as a way for people at my business to search community posts w/in the company. I wonder if this is because of an update to google plus since the writing of this article, or if I am missing something…

  49. Geoff Reese says

    Wow, Scott,

    Fantastic. So much here I don’t have time now to go through it all but I’ll be coming back. I got an invite somehow back in the beginning but have neglected it all this time. What a dork! Haha, I’ve got 19 people in circles. Let’s see what I can do about that. Thanks!

  50. Andrew Buys says

    Thanks for the tips and ideas. I am behind the 8 ball when it comes to Google+. My business offerings are targeted towards a national audience and not just locally and still working on gaining popularity with the Googlemeister.

    • Scott Buehler says

      Hey Andrew, great day and good health to you. For my personally, I do not have a single local page because all of my business is international and done via the Internet. There are advantages to having a local page, such as advertising options, however, all of my targeting and things is done to attract leads, buyers, and of course, sales. Definitely consider my course, only $97 now. It would help you out big time.

  51. Theresa says

    Thank you for such a great resource! I have had my page for several months now and didn’t understand how to use it. This tutorial is fantastic!

  52. Mr. Thomas says

    What a great write-up Scott. I made sure to share on Google+ ha
    Im in the world of SEO and Social and have never come across your website. I am certainly going to follow you.

  53. Nathan W Pace says

    A couple questions (may seem remedial)….. In my notification status I see I have a +1 on my post. I go to that post and there is no +1…. Is that particular person liking my content then unliking it? What is the motivation to that. And second, When I share general content do I want to share it with ALL circles? And if I share it to “hyperball” for example, does everyone within that circle get a notification under the bell that I shared something specifically with them?

    • Scott Buehler says

      Nathan, I’ll see this +1 issue several times myself and yes, there are times when people are plussing posts that they mistakenly plus and then unplus from their main stream. When you share general content, you want to share that content to “Public” only. That will make your content visible to all of your circles and to the general public INCLUDING Google search. If you share to a specific circle, yes, they will see a notification that you shared a post with them.

  54. Jim Stauder says


    Facebook has the ability to keep a page unpublished which is good for setting up a new Facebook business page until you get it designed the way you want it before you roll it out. Facebook instructions say “Unpublished Pages are only visible to the people who manage the Page. You can unpublish your Page at any time. Unpublishing your Page will hide it from the public, including the people who like your Page.”

    Does Google + have something similar where you can work on the design and keep it unpublished before you roll it out. I am trying to coordinate the roll out of several updated social media sites as well a a website and would like to create my Google + business page but not “publish” it until I’m ready for the coordinated rollout.

    • Scott Buehler says

      Hey Jim, Google+ doesn’t have an unpublish/publish option on their pages. However, I will say, your pages will go unseen by the masses until you are ready because your pages need content, circles, and engagement to be seen anyway. So, create the page, configure the page cover and photo images, configure the settings, and then start engaging others.

      In your case, setup the page and leave it be until you are ready for rollout.

      • Jim Stauder says

        Scott, Thanks for responding. That saves me a lot of time trying to find an “unpublish” option that doesn’t exist.

        One more question: Once I set up a business page, can the Follow buttons, g+ share and g+1 buttons (on my website) be tied to the business page (as opposed to my “personal profile page”). Do you recommend any other “buttons/badges” other than those three for websites?

        • Scott Buehler says

          Hey Jim! Create your badges from the Google Plus Badges page here. If you create a badge for your page, then yes, all the plusses received on the badge apply to your page’s plus count. Additionally, if you verify your site to your page, then all plusses from your various posts apply to the page plus count as well.

  55. Raees Hussain says

    Hello Scott,
    I have a question for u…
    Whenever I am embedding a link to Google Plus, my name is written instead of title. How should I remove my name?

    • Scott Buehler says

      Raees, when you embed a link and create a post with a link, Google Plus sends a crawler to your site and pulls your site’s meta title for the link. If your meta title has your name in it, then that is what would show. Hope that is what you are asking.

  56. Bea Elliott says

    Hello – Maybe you can help me figure something out? Why are all my shares from other sites being posted as “shared privately”? I’m viewing the two ways my page shows and 90% of everything I’ve shared is missing from the public view. Mainly the only thing showing up are youtube “likes”. I have no idea how to fix this – Thank you if you can help.

  57. Liz Ross says

    Thank you so much for posting all of this information. You made total sense of something that on its own is utterly confusing. Much appreciated!!!

  58. Bruce Haines says


    I must say I’m REALLY impressed with your Google+ insight and I have to tell you I have been like a deer in the headlights when it comes to mastering the Google details – I have tried to weed out what I call the “Google duplication ” effect that happened to me with my personal account and a connected network marketing Google account and I’m willing to bet it will take me reading your details over and over and over to be able to get them “cleaned up”, but at least I have a place to start! I’ll go over the comments and your replies and see if I can’t get “clarity”! Keep up the efforts!


  59. Robert Chin says

    Scott- Thanks so much for this guide. I have been getting headaches trying to sort out all the information about Google+. This gives me a great starting point to go forward with my project to improve my Google+ page. With all the push for professionals, such as myself, to have a greater presence on Google+, it’s a daunting task to get starter. Thanks again.


  60. Elizabeth says

    i have one question. if someone adds u to their circle. but u dont add them back can they still talk to u?…

  61. Michelle says

    How can I find out the time/date when a post was made on Google+? (I am the manager of the page in question but someone else made the post)

  62. Edward Williams says

    Hi Scott, Great that you have explained so much in plain language. I still don’t get G+ even though I have used it for a long time now. What is the point of it? Also why is it so badly laid out? I always feel that a site should be explained as one person would explain it to another, but the layout is hidden and uses only known to the Techies that put it together. When we can get our Grandmothers to use it then we will know that it works.

    • Scott Buehler says

      What’s the point of any social media? To be social and share what interests you. Just like Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, they are what you make them to be. On Google+, you’ll want to circle people with interests similar to you and engage on their posts to introduce yourself to them. Google+ is unique in that you can create circle groups and circle people in those groups. This offers a lot of unique abilities such as sharing content to just those people or filtering to see just those people’s posts, etc.

      See, most people think Facebook is just for families to share photos. That’s wrong. You can focus your Facebook towards your marketing friends and turn it into a way to gain leads, sales and business. Same goes for Twitter where you can follow people in a specific niche and even use lists to see posts based around other niches as well. The point of social networking is to make them work for you and what you need.

      I personally enjoy the layout of G+. The upper left “Home” button is the gateway to everything that the network has to offer. Meanwhile, the content on the main page is based from people you circle and engage with.

  63. Alex M says

    I have been trying to find an answer to this question and maybe you can help me.

    I have a G+ community and a Page. A lot of people post things on the community but I want these posts to also show up on the Page. I have tried sharing some of the posts FROM the community TO the page but they do not show up.

    I am pulling my hair trying to figure this one out. Is it at all possible? How do you share a post from a community to the page used to create that community? You would think they would be totally interconnected but no.

    Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide

    • Scott Buehler says


      1) Switch from your profile to your page on the upper right.
      2) While under your page, go to your community (not through a bookmark as that likely will use your profile).
      3) Click the share icon under a post.
      4) Verify your page icon is still showing on the share window.
      5) Make sure it is set to “Public” and not a private share.
      6) Type description
      7) Share.

      If you need me to do a hangout to show you this process, I’d be glad to. Contact me.

  64. Ain says

    Hi, scott. I’m a new google plus user.

    I wrote reviews about some malls in my city, but it won’t show up on my google reviews tab. I go to setting and checked the reviews tab to be shown to visitors but my friends can’t see my reviews tab. I can’t even see my own reviews on my reviews tab. It says “No reviews published yet.” What do I do?? Pretty desperate :(

    • Scott Buehler says

      Ain, go to the Google Plus Account Settings under Profile and make sure “Reviews” is checked. Make sure that when you submit reviews, that you are doing it under the right profile. If you login to gmail that is associated with another abandoned account, then when you submit a review, it’d go under that account.

  65. Chandra Carter says

    Hi! Thanks for the post. Can people in your circle or who have you in their circles see all of the pages you visit? How much privacy do you have online when you are in a circle? Thanks!

    • Scott Buehler says

      Chandra, no, people cannot see what you are looking at even when they circle you or you circle them. The only clues would be if you commented and therefore came up in Google+ search.

  66. Bronson says

    I found this post while searching for “what’s the point of google plus”.

    I haven’t been very active with my google plus profile but you gave me some good ideas so I think I’ll stick with it a little longer.


    – Bronson

  67. Bob Wyman says

    Started reading this decided you must work for Google. I cannot use youtube because of Google. The comments section is a butt-kissing extravaganza. Google is limiting my Freedom of Speech.
    I do not care about “social media”, hashtags or news feeds. You know how stupid you all look with the glow of your ‘driod backlight in your faces at night walking downtown or living life in a high-tech that makes you one-handed and unable to talk? I have seen you all arguing something in a bar and forgetting you have search engines in your damn hands. Plus I have seen you boys all huddled together watching a movie on a smart a** phone…. f*** it….

  68. Dwayne says

    Hello Scott,

    Thanks for the post and nicely put together.

    Google hangouts is now becoming ubiquitous, with it being included, as standard, with all new smartphone devices running the latest software version of Android, so all you need to do is make sure your next device is running the latest version or just get a Nexus or Motorola device as they will always be up to date.

    Another important thing to note is that your email, messaging and video’s will follow you no matter what device you are using, PC or MAC, Smartphone or Tablet it doesn’t matter as long as you have Hangout installed, you can pick up your conversation right where you left off.


  69. Vedant Jain says

    Hey sir!
    Great guide
    how to know in what circle my friend has added me in ?
    I have added him in acquaintances.
    I want to know in which he added me up !
    Regards and Thanks

  70. Kat says

    I appreciate this info, but I still have no idea to see what I”VE posted (ie: my history).
    Any thoughts. Google Help is NO HELP.
    Thank you

    • Scott Buehler says

      Visit your profile in Google Plus to see what was posted by you. Login > Click your face icon on the upper right > view profile. That’s your content. You can also use search to refine what you are looking for by including your name plus the term.

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