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TygrScottOver the last couple of years, I’ve struggled to come up with a new username that I can use everywhere that was both unique enough to be available everywhere and still have a lot of meaning to me personally.

I finally landed on my username that I love, TygrScott. Tygr is the Czech language spelling of Tiger and of course, I really wanted my name in there. Why Czech? No reason, I’m not Czech but I was researching various meanings of Tiger including Byakko, meaning White Tiger and several others. None of them really meshed well with my name and entirely forgettable. My favorite was Byakko, but that has some popularity behind it and names are already taken.

I’ve always been fascinated with Tigers and I’ve annoyed the family countless times when we go to zoos because I spent a lot of time at the Tiger exhibits. I love all Tigers across all breeds but my favorite subspecies is the Bengal Tiger.

With all that said, this username has a lot more meaning to it than just the animal.

My Google Plus Tiger Community

Shortly after pounding the pavement on Google Plus with socializing, learning, sharing, and circling, I started seeing more and more photos of Tigers being shared on the network. I went searching for Google Plus Communities based around the Tiger and found a few, but most were generally inactive, broader based (all big cats), or boring. I felt I could do better so I launched the Tiger of the Day community.

Every day I visit this community checking out Tigers and then it finally hit me last week, if the Tiger is so important to me, why isn’t it part of my username? That’s what began my search for various characters, mythologies, Chinese Astronomy, and various languages to come up with something unique.

AOL Community Leader Days

Another reason I love this name is it reminds me of my first days online back in 1996 when AOL went unlimited dialup for $19.95 per month. When AOL first went unlimited, I remember calling them to activate my account and waiting 3 hours on hold to get through. I knew the Internet was going to be big back then and I really wanted to be a part of it. After using AOL for solid six months or so, I discovered BPS SoftWare and their product “PowerTools.” This software acted as a wrapper around AOL and added a ton of sweet enhancements for chat, management, and a ton of other goodies.

After purchasing and using the software for a few months, I became a regular in the companies’ chat rooms, specifically BPS Macros, and had quite the following in there. I remember entering the chatroom and having a ton of people saying hi to me, actually ruining people’s images (macros) they were sending to the chatroom. Think massive ASCII art being scrolled to the chatroom 4 lines at a time, up to 30-40 lines to complete the image. People were fascinated by this, but if anyone said something to the chatroom while these were being scrolled, it added line breaks.

Anyways, reminiscing sure brings back memories, I could go on and on about it, but the bottom line, is I caught the eye of management and they brought me onboard as an AOL Community Leader / Volunteer. I helped people understand the software, answered questions, and had the ability to temporarily silence or even put strikes on their record if they misbehaved often in the chatroom.

My chat handle? BPSCo Tigr. Yup! Even back then, I incorporated Tigers into my name.

My Wife

Scott? Your wife is a meaning behind your new username? How the heck?

Actually, yes! Guess how I met my wife? At BPS SoftWare! She went by BPSCo Eagl and we chatted all the time when we were working in the chatrooms. We’d have a constant Instant Message session going talking about all sorts of stuff including making remarks about strange behavior in the chats, or congratulating each other for being quick on our feet with some of the outrageous things that happened.

I was incredibly shy back then and withheld any information about myself. My wife spent months breaking down my barriers to finally get me to send a picture of myself to her. One thing lead to another, I flew out to the other side of the country, met her, we hit it off, and she moved out to California to be with me. She’s from New Hampshire, I was from California, we couldn’t be further apart in the US, but you know what, we made it work.

There you have it. An Internet love story before Internet dating was a “thing.”

Let’s Wrap This Up

My username pays homage to my favorite animal, the Tiger, my early Internet days, my wife and family, and my current career in social networking, marketing, and affiliate marketing. All of it put together, this is one username that is loaded with meaning and I’ll likely stick with it for the rest of my life.

So why didn’t I choose TigrScott? Well, back in the AOL chat days, I had a lot of people referencing me as “Tigger” from Winnie the Pooh with my BPSCo Tigr name. I’d always see “Hey Tigger!” when I’d enter the chats and it annoyed me ever-so-slightly but I was OK with it (hey, he was still a fictional Tiger, right?). Since I wasn’t willing to give out my name in chat, I rolled with it. With Tygr as the spelling, it is nearly impossible to mispronounce it.

If you’ve bothered to read my story this far, I want to say thank you for being an awesome follower. If you haven’t already, use the icons on the right to get connected. I’m a friendly dude who is willing to help when I can, I promise, this Tygr won’t bite.

Scott BuehlerTygrScott – The New Beginning

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  1. vit

    Hi Scott,

    while searching for “how to” tutorials for my new travel blog I find your blog. As a total newbie in blogging I consider your Google+ guide and other stuff as really useful. And what more I´m really delight you use Czech word tygr as part of your username. So now you have one Czech guy in your circle.
    Thanks for good stuff

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