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The History

I was born on February 19th, 1978, in Barstow, California. I’m the youngest of two brothers and one sister, all of which are much older than me by nine years or more.

Growing up in Barstow and living in that surrounding area throughout most of my youth, there wasn’t a whole lot to do besides obsessively playing my NES, riding my bike and generally trying to stay out of trouble.

I grew up in a split-family setting, spending my school days with my mother and my weekends with my father. From middle school on, I was essentially raised as an only child in my mother’s household and had a step-brother who was similar in age to me at my father’s household.

In both households, all parents held traditional 9-5 jobs, therefore, my upbringing was in the “paycheck to paycheck” lifestyle. In fact, this traditional job trend continues to this day in my immediate family including all nephews and nieces.

The only credit for my entrepreneur spirit goes to my uncle. Even though he lived thousands of miles from me, one summer I had the opportunity to visit him for a couple weeks where he showed me his programming skills, his websites and enthusiasm for the Internet which he did as a hobby on the side of his regular IT job.

Founding of an Entrepreneur

As I entered and went through Barstow High School, I knew I wanted to do something bigger in life but wasn’t quite sure what that “something” was.

In 1996, my senior year of high school, AOL came out with their unlimited dialup plan which came out around the same time as my first computer purchase which costed around $2,300.

I remember setting up that Sony computer, firing it up and instantly took it all in. I noticed how a lot of the software bundled with the computer required the Internet, found out about AOL’s new plans and decided to activate an account.

After 4 hours (!) of being on hold waiting for a representative to answer, I finally got through, activated my account and signed on the Internet for the first time.

From that point, I was fascinated! I had the world at my fingertips. After graduating high school, I spent countless hours on the computer, gaming, chatting and eventually, I started volunteering as a community leader for an AOL add-on software called PowerTools for AOL, by BPS SoftWare.

After a few months there, I decided to build my first website to share my AOL chat macro packages that scrolled ASCII art into chatrooms using the PowerTools software. I learned how to build that first site using various HTML tutorials found via the Altavista search engine and Notepad.

From there went on to discover the auction site eBay which is where I got my first taste into the entrepreneurial world. I knew eBay was exploding in popularity and discovered people were selling information products on there that helped people discover websites.

I launched my first product called “Internet Spy Toolkit” which was essentially a website I built that listed hundreds of Internet resources that helped people find out information about anyone. The entire product fit on a 3.5″ floppy diskette.

After launching this product, I was thrilled to see a 10+ orders coming in each week, but I wanted more. It was then I tried eBay’s featured listing service and saw amazing results. I remember the auction listing title I used to this day:

“NEARLY BANNED! Find Out Anything About Anyone Online!”

That headline and featured listing floored me. I started receiving stacks and stacks of these $10-12 checks in the mail making me thousands of dollars. It was then I realized the power using emotion in selling and the power of a well-placed advertisement.

After being pushed out of eBay (they started cracking down on information sellers and competition flooded the market), I went on to create several websites, such as my Top Five Awards website, where I started selling stuff for other people earning commissions, an industry known as Affiliate Marketing.

The Present

One of the biggest problems I’ve faced as an Internet marker with an Affiliate Marketing background is I found myself with a massive wealth of knowledge and nowhere to go with it.

Although affiliate marketing was a great way to make money, it didn’t fulfill my desire to help others. Through the years, I was able to learn and master skills such as building websites, SEO, advertising and marketing.

Business colleagues of mine knew I was skilled and they continued to ask for my help until I finally bit the bullet and sat down with them, laying out a full strategy for their business so they could dominate their market space.

“This is all fascinating, Scott, but who has the time to do all of this? I need to worry about keeping my customers, manage my staff and […]” (it went on and on).

That’s when it hit me. Through the years, I built amazing relationships with my own private contractors who specialize in the things I don’t want to deal with.

I have a private network of vetted leaders in content writing, SEO, website design, marketing, social media and more. They keep asking me for more work, I’ve got businesses hounding me to work for them…

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