Creating a Google Plus Community Around Your Niche

Creating a Niche Community

Did you know that you can create a community based around your Google Plus Page niche? One of the best ways to bring awareness to your Google Plus Page is to create a community and then put the work in to make that Google Plus Community a success (see Community Marketing in the course). Let's get … Continue reading »

How to Mention a Foreign Character Name on Google Plus

How to Mention Foreign Character Names on Google Plus Duration: 1 minute and 38 seconds. This video shows you exactly how to +mention a foreign-letter account on Google Plus. The video shows you two methods you can use to effectively mention these accounts properly. This is only needed if you are trying to mention … Continue reading »

Recommended Google+ Communities by TygrScott

Recommended Google+ Communities

It's not a bad statement to say I'm a full-blown addict of Google+. Although I don't spend as much time as I used to on the network due to business projects, I still spend several hours a week there. In this post, I'm sharing with you all of the communities I currently maintain on Google+. These communities, … Continue reading »

Gravatar – Your Solution to Your Branding in Blogging Comments


If you have a website online and it is using the most popular blogging platform, WordPress, then chances are you are wondering how people are commenting on your posts and their icon is displaying with their comments. The answer is Gravatar. All you need to do is go to Gravatar and setup an account with … Continue reading »

Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Google Plus

Google Plus Ultimate Guide

I've seen quite a few people who don't understand Google Plus or think Google Plus is some sort of wasteland with giant swaths of inactivity. I was one of these people until I decided to dive in and really explore the social network and become active on there to see what this G+ thing is all about. The end … Continue reading »

The Secrets to Internet Marketing Success

Secrets to Internet Marketing Success

Hey guys, today I thought I'd share with you the epiphany that I've had over the past month working my new businesses and helping others with their Internet and Social Marketing. The fact of the matter is, the biggest secret out there is action. Action?!? That's it? Yes! Over 90% of the people that I … Continue reading »

Scott Buehler’s Most Viral and Popular Posts on Google Plus

Scott Buehler Viral Google Plus

It was absolutely incredible when I focused the majority of my time on Google Plus in 2013. I had posts that went viral beyond any expectations and they were the cause of all the swarm around my account with hundreds of people asking me what I was doing to cause it all to happen. All of this opened my eyes … Continue reading »

25 Awesome Social Media Icon Sets for 2014

Social Media Icons Featured Image

Social media is everywhere and I love it! I'm always on the look-out for awesome and trendy social media icon collections that can be freely downloaded and used on your website(s). These are my favorite collections that I've bookmarked and discovered in my search for free premium trendy social media … Continue reading »

Ultimate Guide to Google Authorship

Google Authorship

Are you confused on the implementation and usage of Google Authorship on your content? This Ultimate Guide to Google Authorship should help you get on your way so that all of your content shows your face and attributes you as an author. This guide will be continually updated as new features and options come … Continue reading »

TygrScott – The New Beginning


Over the last couple of years, I've struggled to come up with a new username that I can use everywhere that was both unique enough to be available everywhere and still have a lot of meaning to me personally. I finally landed on my username that I love, TygrScott. Tygr is the Czech language spelling of … Continue reading »